The rough “mother church” and your son

Homosexual self-hatred and women’s antiquity block the Romisch-Catholic Mannerbund

Unlasted homosexuality and mannerbound woman contempt blocks the Romisch-Catholic Church. But this tabucial complex is not discussed open. Novation of use of the cleric system from different bearings a debate. But also on the pages of the Reform Catholics is difficult to tackle the hot iron. The powerful manner of the church often stylish quite unabashed as a homo enemies. Meanwhile, good decency and tolerance on the other side provide that the structural and asthetically doctory same sexuality of the hierarchy as a problem show number one does not get to the magnifying glass.

The topic is irrevocably on the agenda. In my church reform book "The religious revolt – Catholics break up" In 2009, I proposed himself even to let the Romisch-Catholic homophobia be based on themselves (as a political Christian and gay theologian I was also excited to the topic).

However, it is now openly available that the recognition of homosexual love entertainment in the space of the Pope’s church is no longer moving. Otherwise, this will be lying "Homework" From the last century always and over again recall, not least through sad scandals.

The rough'mutter kirche' und ihre sohne

Poster: "Bundis 17 May" Cologne

Today, on the international day against homophobia, the tutoring comes from the company. Demonstrate before the Kolner Dom u.a. Schulerinnen and Schuler in Solidaritat with the religious theologian David Berger: "Against homophobia and fundamentalism!" Schulervertretung, School Management, CDU politicians and two ornate priests have been shown to solidarically demonstrate according to the religious teacher-prohibition ban derived by the Kolner Bishop.

Romian martyrdom scene and discussion bans in the 3. Millennium

In Germany confidenced in Germany "Dialogue process" The Rome.-catholic. Church should be excluded women’s question and homosexual love, as the Hardliner Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck has announced. Now you can read that the conversation of the man’s church leaders with the credans below in most diozeses is designed only as Alibi. the "Allowed topics" will be given to years from above, open discussion and decision-making forums in all municipalities are not provided for, compensated circles are used for a horrible "Hearing" Loading and that – clearly highlighted by theological research – liability criteria for synodal processes are nowhere considerable. If the Central Committee of German Catholics should really assist in such a theater game, that’s a poverty certificate.

Bishop Overbeck, however, can invoke his discussion bans on the Pope. In the Youngest Seewald Interview Ribbon (Light of the World 2010) with Joseph Ratzinger looks at the top "head" The Roman refusals on women’s question and homosexuality almost almost as church martyrdom scene in modern society:

For example, if in the name of non-discrimination, the Catholic Church wants to force its position to homosexuality or women’s ordination, then that means that it is no longer allowed to live its own identity, and that instead, an abstract negative religion makes a tyrannical mabboat, everyone has to follow.

Benedict XVI. (Light of the world, S. 71)

Benedict XVI. and Bishop Overbeck Call us with gross precision the neuralgian fishing points of the Romische System: the mono- or. Homosexual structure of the priest church and the exclusion of women. The question is, Which "ecclesiastical identity" here is on the game.

The homophobic compaction by Joseph Ratzinger

The fact that the compilation of the Romisch-Catholic homosexual feeling in official documents is a work of Joseph Ratzinger, with Muhelos can prove. Stick to the homophobic campaign was the letter of faith congregation "About the pastoral care for homosexual persons" from 1986.

In instructions on National Bishops Conferences and its own letter (1992) were then "fair discrimination" considered necessary by homosexuals (especially in the field of employment transfers, a church special right is claimed). When women’s and men’s pairs in Europe finally gained legal certainty in responding to solid partnership forms, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger repeatedly spoke – with gross theatricalism – from one "Exit from the entire moral history of humanity" and a serious "Exclusion of the man’s image".

An own document of 2003 identified same-sex communities as "Furthermore, the healthy development of human society", where the readers involuntary at the unfortunate concept of "Public health" were remembered. Immediately after taking office of Benedict XVI. came to the novelty of a priest-prohibition ban on all homosexual men. The official document, which has submitted the Congregation for Catholic Education, is no longer available to absurditat (every responsible woman, which pastoral catastrophe has been implementing an implementation). The embarrassing association between the current pope and the war-standing and torture incur word George W. Bush Jun. Attended with a fundamentalist consensus in the fight against the "Homoehe".

In 1975, a Vatican Declaration had only been determined, which is homosexual inclination "unshaved". In the Ratzinger documents, however, the "Specific inclination of the homosexual person" in itself "lens" and immoral trend. Everything in the midday progression in pastoral and theological science was rejected again from the mid-1980s by official church repressions. There were many tranes. The worldwide track of the victims is long.

From internal romical conflicts to the new course, the text history of the World Catechism (KKK) testifies. During the catch from 1993 still from one "not self-chosen predisposition" The speech was, since August 1997, in paragraph 2358 of the official ie, one reads only something about the "Lens disordered tilt".

That the Essen Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck in April 2010 is already becoming a sleep, Blob "to be homosexual", is basically a logical summit point of hysterically enhancing homophobia. Orgos said the mirror journalist Matthias Matussek in the famous-embedded valley with the Bishop, he faith as a simple Catholic not that God feels homosexuality as a sunde.

Well, so Lapidar can only be released the extravagant words of a regressive and anti-liberal Catholicism, because they simply do not want to take note of the bodily suffering and repression history of many people in the church. Many newly concealing zealous and fundamentalists make everything in comfortable clarifications as well as it is right. In the network you argue for the pure doctrine and to the papal journal will then drive you with proper condoms in the traveling pack.

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