The real catastrophe begins only in fukushima

Workers have to be deducted from the AKW, the periodical radiation exposure increases, according to the company for radiation protection is the situation with Chernobyl comparable

Who was still the conviction so far, that everything is not so bad and that you get the situation under control, was allowed to be swapped. It is not surprising, because 4 of the 6 reactors and possibly all the chill basins, which are filled with thousands of fabric, after failing the cooling systems, explosions, partly coarse destruction, may also be secured at the same time damage to reactor containments simultaneously. Presumably a rugged particle melt has been a coarse problem, but so many highly dangerous systems that are advanced from scrutinizing the power and possibilities of relatively few people who probably pursue the final work in Fukushima for her.

Now all employees were deducted from the AKW Fukushima for too high radiation exposure. Black smoke rises from the reactor 3 filled with the dangerous MOX fears, indicating a fire, commenting on fears in the coating basin. At the reactor 2, the radiation amounts to 500 millisiVERT per hour. The boiler temperature in the reactors 1 and 3 has risen over 300 degrees, but of Tepco, however, it refuses that therefore a meltdown is not expected. This is becoming increasingly clear that the contamination extends far beyond Fukushima. In the 220 km south of Fukushima Tokyo were measured in drinking water for radioactive iodine 131 values of 210 Becquerel per liter, the limit value for infants amounted to 100 Becquerel, the Adult 300. Children under one year should therefore no longer receive a tap water, otherwise it is called, be the drinking healthy still harmless. The affected water treatment plant provides drinking water for all of Tokyo and 5 more city.

The government asks not to make a panic buying of water bottles, but of course people now have care and try to cover with water bottles and food. Gemuses and milk from the prafness Fukushima is already highly burdened with iodine and casium. The government has forbidden a sale of Gemuses from Fukushima and the people warned from a consumption of many mousse resorts from the region, even if it is furthermore ared that a consumption is not harmful to health, the contamination has also increased outside the evacuation zone and the sea significantly increased significantly.

The company for radiation protection reports that the IAEA together with Japanese authorities until a distance of 200 km from Fukushima 1 gammadose rates between 2 and 160 μsv per hour was measured compared to the natural background of around 0.1 μSV / h and refers to it that the natural background in Berlin is 0.07 μSV / h. Beta-gamma contamination between 200.000 and 900.000 Becquerel (BQ) per square meter were measured at a distance of 16 to 58 km away. For Sebastian Plowborn, Prasident of the Company for Radiation Protection, is now a comparison with the Chernobyl catastrophe near:

Hot spots were from the Russian resistances at that time as locally limited contamination of more than 555.000 Becquerel Pro square meter defined. This is the magnitude measured in Japan between 16 and 58 km from the IAEA. The expansion of this zone in Japan is comparable to the blocking zone west of Chernobyl.

Sebastian plowbow

For this reason, a Super Gau lie in Fukushima. He asks to evacuate the region to evacuate the AKW. In the Deutschlandradio he said:

Factally, the problem goes off in Japan first, it starts only. And also the distribution of radioactivity over Greater territories is noticed first and the problem, what to do, how to deal with foods, all these things, protection of the population, start; and the problems on the plant itself, how to deal with these tootheds now towards any sarcophage, that will be hinted over the years.


It is significant that neither high managers of the operating company TEPCO nor Minister of the Japanese Government or the IAEA General Director AMANO visited the AKW and the persistent workers, soldiers and firefighters. Whether these are voluntarily or forced, is controversial. And the suspicion exists that Tepco the "bold 50" with so-called "Disposable workers" has hinted, which can expose the company to high radiation exposure and then dismiss.

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