The power of the mafia

The power of the mafia

Germany and the Benelux states have become important envelope bursts in the international cocaine profession – would like to "Map of organized drug trafficking" to draw

Bribery is today the most important instrument with which the mafia penetrates into the institutions (…), because you do not need to do today today, you impress. Roberto Scarpinato, Ital. Prosecutor and head of investigations on the integration of mafia and economy

Since the Italian Anti-Mafia Jagan, the cocaine import of the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels have been sighting, the transports are increasingly running about the Beneluxlanders and the local seaports. From there, the fabric reaches Germany known as paradise for money washer, but also to Italy, Great Britain or Russia. In Germany, large amounts of money can still be easily pushed over the table; The amounts are hardly accessible.

The fight against the organized crime lets only leaner sweeping. Thus, Germans and Italian resistances, prosecutors and special police units work closely together. Over the success of cooperation, in the case against the Cosa Nostra (the "Ur-mafia"), Telepolis reported before the year of annual periods (La Mafia in Germania); The Sicilian Cosa Nostra has been operating for decades with preference in the metropolises on the Rhine and Ruhr on the classical business fields of drug and arms trade and construction industry.

At a raid at the beginning of 2018, which settled at the same time in Germany and Italy, the Calabrian Mafia was in focus, more than 170 suspects were arrested. The arrests took place in Calabria itself and seven other Italian regions, in parallel in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Bavaria. The MafiaClan Farao-MarinCola from the Calabrian community Cirò, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), as a tone grouping with increasing influence, in Italy also beyond neighboring regions.

The ‘Ndrangheta: Current to the saddle boot

Autumn 2018: In Konstanz, a spectacular court proceedings start at the beginning of December. One of the most expensive German mafia processes of recent years is negotiated in the former canteen of a Fruheren Siemenswerk: The Konstanz regional court was found to be too small, rebuilt the former Siemenskantine in the district of Petershausen for the occasion. Again, it is investigations in the interaction of German and Italian agents, which are achieved here.

Several allegible members of Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta operated the so-called Black Forest Connection, the process is to run well in the summer of 2019 and makes headlines. It’s about drug and arms trade and a total of 54 crims, including car pullery, cocaing and tempted murder. Fashion boutiques and gastronomy served as a transshipment location of goods deliveries, couriers as a helper assistant. The codewords for Hasch and Cocaine were "arugula" and "Wine".

Federal Criminal Police Office, the Landeskriminamt NRW and also specifically the Kolner police since 2016 determine targeted drug gabs with reference to the ‘Ndrangheta. The ‘Ndrangheta comes from the southern of Italy, keeping you maintenance excellent relationships with Sudamerica, here you particularly refers to the product: high-ranking representatives of the Calabresian’ NDRANGheta organization "confidential" Knowledge, one KONNE fabric from Sudamerica with a purity of 96 percent. In the coke trading is the Calabrese Mafia International, which dominates the drug smuggling to Europe, billions lately in the black coffers on the sideline boots.

The ‘Ndrangheta has been regarded as the most powerful mafia organization in Europe since the mid-1990s, scattered annual turnover: 54 billion euros, especially from drug trafficking, but also from illegal poison mull disposal. The mafiamorde of Duisburg in August 2007 go to your account. And she also does not burn at home: How the TAZ reported, numbers in Calabria itself 75 percent of all companies were protected, in the metropolis Reggio Calabria, it is whopping 90 percent.

Strange "Investors", A Brisante Osteria and German police officers suspected

In the course of a rough-fitted Europe-wide raid against the powerful ‘Ndrangheta were known in the current December details, which indicate Italian-Turkish connections. A concealed investigator of the police dismantled the Unknown Connection. Turkish investors are to have set several hundred thousand euros to the drug of the mafiosi; Retired car served as courier vehicles to pick up from the seaport Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam goods. On a parking lot in Leverkusen were a introductory undercover agent (deck name: "Kara") Give two kilograms of cocaine. The smuggling with rich 1.8 tonnes will be charged to an Osteria operator in Pulheim near Koln, as NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul announced.

NRW Again here is again as a priority in Germany. Even officials were suspected, including two policemen; You are to have the mafia service secrets. The mafia connections rich deep into the social gefuge: In the course of the detection of the Italian-Turkish connections, the investigators initiate on 47 protagonists, against which is currently being determined alone in Duisburg. To pay the boss of a well-known tax and economic support company and a Turkical lawyer.

surgery "Pollino"

After researching the Kolner City-Anzeiger, Turkish dealer financed the drug shifter of the ‘Ndranghetheta of Wesseling, a location sadly by Koln. You did your business as a car trade and car workshop operator.

At the top of the list of police is Giuseppe M., He should the ‘Ndrangheta clan "Giorgi-Ciceri" protrude. As an important governor of the organization, he maintains a wide-wedding network of relationships. One knows details: Giuseppe M. If the suppliers met from Ubersee, organizes transports to the harbor, acts as operator of seems. In addition, he advertises investors for the deals. Dutch shades observed accomplices, as they carried pockets full of money in residential facilities and came back with plastic grooves full of drugs.

The story is belonging to the precaution of one of the big raids against the Italian mafia octopus of the ‘Ndrangheta. At the beginning of December finally the starting signal fell: in a concerted operation, Codename "Pollino", struck Italian, Dutch, Belgian and German investigators; In a joint venture commission, they set 84 suspicious, the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden shared. 18 arrest warrants were enforced, from the NRW Ministry of Interior of the Highest Tone, which becomes raid than "Extremely successful (r) transaction in Europe" classy. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone, wealthy values of several million euros were sequentially confiscated. Around 440 officials of BKA and Federal Police were involved in the searches in Germany.

Criminal activities – and the structures behind it

In a conversation of two high-ranking investigators, which published the European journal Lettre International1, becomes clear to social and economic rank, which the Mafia has rendered as an actor – and as a placed institutionalized participant – at the very highest historicity. But it is also clear how very state and organized-criminal power shares are interwoven, indeed negotiated.

The exchange of views between Roberto Scarpinato, Italian prosecutor and Italy’s most significant investigator against the Mafia (head of investigations for the interdependence of mafia and economy), and Nino the Matteo from Palermo (investigators for involvements of state and mafia), open insights into the structures of power. The two mafia-Jagen meet a very distinctive distinction, namely between the classic, frosty, violent mafia and a new, arriving mafia, which contributes to increasing gross domestic product.

Particularly interesting is in the core statements of the aspect, as the power is divided; This occupies secret negotiations about the Italian State and the Cosa Nostra. At the center of influence is no longer violence (the bloodbaths of the 1990s), but corruption: and the, so Scarpinato, ultimately finances the state.

The financing of corruption before and after Maastricht

The two discussants separate the first republic in their considerations (Italy until the Treaty of Maastricht) from the Second Republic (to Maastricht). In the first republic (ie before 1992), the state was able to print money and place government bonds and thus finances its public expenses – including corruption – in unlimited high. Scarpinato and di Matteo say: With the Treaty of Maastricht and increasing influence of the European Union with its strict budget notifications to the Member States, it became a problem to finance corruption with public expenses on the old way.

Here it becomes exciting: since the Maastrichter tolerated, so after 1992, the state finances this corruption with cuts into state social benefits, D.H. Among other things through financial incisions in the hospitals, schools and pensions. This means the shift from state and mafioser makes in the so-called second republic for the burger, the taxpayer, the auxiliary exercise.

A system with explosive power

the "order" respectively. "Reorganization" At the same time with the exhibition of Mafioser, political and entrepreneurial power, the prosecutor’s eyes in two steps (or phases): First of all, in the brutally violent-based game of the 1990s, in which the mafia actors endeavor to the political impact weight through terror determine. What follows, the whole range of criminal mafios tactics comprises: the systematic immigration of institutional power, targeted influence on the legislation, one "overworked" System of corruption up to the highest state organs, justice control, as a result: explosive power for democracy and the rule of law.

Palermos CheferMittler di Matteo Tips the question and formulates the problem from a national view: "… in which way in Italy’s power is removed". It’s all about this.

In the context of the operation "Pollino" Could you read in Italian newspapers that thanks to the investigation, it is now possible "Map of organized drug trafficking" between the two countries, Germany and Italy to create. Whether this will succeed, this question is still open. After all, the youngest successes of the Germans together with the Italian authorities are considered coup. Observers already speak euphorically from the "Future of crime fighting of mafia in Europe".

"The future of crime fighting"? Questions remain open

But the fact is also: the "market economy" Mafia and the dangers going out from her will not be stopped so fast; Too far your anchoring in business, in politics and society. The mafia business has arrived at a frightening way in the normality of the market. Significant Italian economic and trade branches, for example, as the sale of fish, wine, olives and baked goods, are infected in the way.

The profits from these businesses are also reinvested in northern Italy and Germany. The hierarchical power apparatus camouflages behind legal facades, but increasingly serves legal institutions and instruments. Investigators Nino de Matteo acts in view of the achieved market power of criminal professionals like a caller in the Waste: "The mafiose system, its fusion with the system of corruption, the dissemination of mafiamethods themselves in the addition of institutional power – all these are factors that the democracy is in a serious way."

Criminal boom sector: real estate

"Enormous" Not only do the Italian anti-mafia investigators call the money streams from criminals, the year for year straight to Germany. According to estimates, it was 2017 Uber 30 billion euros – foreign money of unclear origin invested in this country. Money wash is evidently worthwhile in Germany with its prospering economy.

As one of the boom areas, the real estate sector applies. One third of all criminal wealth values in Germany is invested here, it shows a recent study of the organization Transparency International ("Money wash for real estate in Germany"To). And just the mafia is known for this: on gross construction sites and real estate acquisition, renovations, sale and rent tries to wash inwards from cocaine trade and other farms. The dirty money transforms itself in "Betongold".

Germany – a wonderful laundromat?

Because of its volume alone, the German real estate market offers a huge potential for criminal actors, it is called in the study. Prof. Edda Muller, the chairman of Transparency Germany, describes the brisance like this: "It’s clear for us: There is a massive problem with money wash in real estate in Germany. The applicable laws and the equipment of the investigations are also in the light of the boundlessness of international financial streams in any ratio."

Student author Markus Henn Monored, the transparency register of the economic owners introduced in 2017 is not sufficient to produce actual transparency: "The transparency register still has too many loopholes." That makes it easy for the mafia. Unfortunately: these and other deficits create only more incentives for illegal machinations. Germany should not actually be the wonderful laundrette for more than several billion euros of heavy criminals and corrupt from Germany and around the world.

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