The police as a mobile phone spammer

Text bombs at stolen handie should reduce theft rate

Following the example of the Amsterdam police, Scotland Yard now wants to bomb stolen mobile phones with text messages. In two weeks you want to start with news of the content "This device is stolen" to be sent to handlies reported as stolen. In Amsterdam, this procedure should have led to a 50% ridge for thieves of mobile phones.

The theft of mobile phones is one of the largest Ubels for the London police, because their already scarce resources from a sharp increase in this area are additionally burdened and distracted by more severe crimes. In the previous year alone, London was just under 20.000 mobile phones stolen. This suggests with 40% in crime statistics on reported falls of strain robbery. This is a criminal offense that is usually removed from adolescent tanes against other young people.

The Metropolitan Police speculates that permanent louds of the phone signals the environment of the adolescent mobile phone claw that is not okay with the device. Social printing from the circle of friends, shame and remorse should move the tatters to return the equipment. Also buyers stolen handie should be moved to the back of the back, as they become aware of the circumstance that it is a stolen device and as the devices are practically unusable by police spamming. However, a problem is the cost. The mobile network operators must first be surprised to give the cost of cost for text messages to the police, otherwise the financial burden has been found on the edge and band.

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