The photos of the warriors

US soldiers used in Iraq are also members and customers of

Weblogs of US soldiers in Iraqiological use (cf. Fuck the was) are as old as the youngest Iraq war. They also have some photos, as well as the books written by veterans who found their way into the bookstores. Now the snapshuses also dive on the currently popular photo-sharing service flickr.

The photos of the warriors

"Realistc Training Using Simunition. Just Change Out The Upper Receiver Of The M16 And You Got Yourself A Paintball Rifle." Source:

Corporal James McCauley is a proud warrior. He has prepared conscientiously on his commitment, in places, the Camp Wilson and Camp Victory, and has to do in Iraq every day with what will be understood in the media as an uprising.

At the confusion front, which created the policy of his government and the Baathist and Islamist war against any humanity, he only does his duty. Like millions of other soldiers in thousands of other conflicts before.

This duty currently seems to exist mainly in the browsing of homes, day for day. Locksmiths are broken up, apartments are transferred and the results are transported.

The photos of the warriors

"A Sergeant and My Team Conducting A House Search. Notice The Stack of Blankets and Bedding in The Background. This is in Nearly Every House I’ve Been to. This Is What The Iraqi Sleep On At Night With Their Dozen Or So Family Members." Source:

There are Trophaen, there is a little moving with the local population, there are resting breaks – everyday life of the war, of which many times has been said, waiting for the first time.

The photos of the warriors

"Just Taking A Little Time To Rest While WE Conduct Even More House Searches. WE Pretty Much Make Ourselves at Home." Source:

From all that we did not know if McCauley did not turn, as many other US soldiers decided to document his everyday life. Due to what motivation he does that, is not directly clear, but of course the stimulus is for the remote viewer in a directness that could not offer organized war reporting ever. In a strange form of ethnography, you can learn things about Iraq, who are rarely emerging. That the presence of children at any "Operations" A good sign is, is immediately clear if you once you belonged to McCauley.

The photos of the warriors

"This is Just One of the Kids We Ran Across During OUR Operations. Seing Kids Around While We Are Operating Is Generally A Good Sign." Source:

From the gross hospitality of many Iraqis to the soldiers who have just had their house through, you read with astonishment, just like the fact that per household is apparently allowed a Kalashnikov.

The old-fashioned look of a colonizer he sets up to his surroundings, then clarifies him himself, not on Iraq. Why is colonized here, you can not learn about it. He is just where he is; The assertion of power and self-assertion of the proud marineinfantist is strangely hollow.

The photos of the warriors

"Just Taking A BREATHER AT A desk". Source:

Even his weblog does not record deeper reflections about his actions, it is certainly from everyday life and the details of the war. A little lyrical kitsch, with whom he spews his blog, he has to borrow from others. Only that he is not encountered in Iraq with indiscriminated hate, makes him suspicious, yes, that even shocked him, as if he had expected to meet there only any killerzombies.

The photos of the warriors

"Some Hajis Who Wanted to Talk to Us About Some Business And Didn’t Want Me To Shoot at Them." Source:

And so it’s easy to make the Corporal with its coarse deildment studdocks, scary militarism and the actually shocking readiness, just a tool to be open to two legs, laughing. It was easy to take him as a model case for the American soldier in Iraq, easy to pull the wrong, obvious parallels to Vietnam to think about Full Metal Jacket, and in the wrong certainty to weigh that in Iraq’s story just repeated. But the static Vietnam comparisons were wrong before the outbreak of the war (cf. The massacre) and you are not more correct now. To make McCauley for decal, designed, for example, that there are others, the sympathetic and again others who act even more like children with cannons than he.

"my lame rambo pose" Source:

Emport about his bakes and his actions from Germany was once again demonstrating the urgent good German conscience. It has been forgetting the behavior of German soldiers from once in occupied countries, as well as German poison gas supplies to Saddam Hussein, and does not come true, as Germany now occupies Lander again, in contrast to the imperialist Americans, of course in purely peaceful mission. No, you can still be happy about the fall of Saddam Hussein as a collateral utilization of a war, which was self-reliable not mainly the liberation of the Iraqis of Saddam Hussein to the goal.

The American soldiers in Iraq are not the tools of the world spirit in the "First anti-fascist weapon walk of 21. Century", How some anti-German prior to Abu Ghraib still so densified. On average, they are not the hollow dogs, to which some of their colleagues had developed during the Vietnam War (that the potential exists – who was still denying this to Abu Ghraib?) The weblogs and Flickr accounts of McCauley and its comrades can not confirm one or the other. They only weaken the hope that the soldier MOGE thinks thinking, as Bert Brecht in his poem "Man has a mistake …" expression.

In this property, however, they are time documents of oscillatory value.

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