The number of terrorist attack has continued to rise

The French Federal Ministry of the US Department of International Terrorism does not come from the US government

At the latest since the war against Iraq, the US government has difficulties with the Patterns of Global Terrorism report, which the Auxe Ministry must submit since 1985 to the end of April of each year. Only the "International terrorism" Captured, the burger or territories of at least two states. Until the 2004 report, which deals with the year 2003, was also given overview of the total number of subsequent and victims. After it has been uncovered quickly that the first version of the report operated with directed numbers (more terrorist attacks instead of less), one waived and published now and publishes the Country Reports on Terrorism without statistical numbers (2004: strong increase in terrorist attacks, of course, nevertheless. In 2006, the total number of heavy connection has continued to rise.

US Foreign Minister Rice had already superimposed if it is not better to postpone the report. He comes in the face of the differences between the sowing house and the congress on the Iraq politics and the jerking of the troops. Similarly, the situation was already in 2005, when in the Foreign Ministry, given further rising attack numbers, was first decided in Iraq, not unavailable the report (rather no numbers of "success" In the US war against global terrorism). Nevertheless, the figures that have been presented confidentially to Congressionphs. After that, the world, as the female house has always been ared, did not become safer by the fight against terrorism, but has risen the number of terrorist attacks worldwide and in Iraq, which developed into a brut’s terrorism, as even the secret services already said ( 2004: Strong increase in terrorist attacks).

The game seems to be repeated now. According to media reports, which are committed to informants from the Foreign Affairs, the number of severe terrorist attacks worldwide is again by 30 percent to more than 14.000 risen. Most were carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq, so just where the Bush government actually wanted to get terrorism and had always reported progress again.

It was possible by the war in Iraq but the USA was actually protected from further terrorism or safer, as it says in the woman’s house, since the posting of the terror’s troops though, but after all, it was bound by the Above all, associated with the Iraq war islamist terrorism in Europe and elsewhere. As a report stated in September 2006 for the Senate, the Hussein regime not only had no contacts with Al Qaeda, but even evicted the terrorist organization. Viceprasident Cheney is still going to house it.

The embarrassliness, again with the report, obviously want to manipulate the public, but then did not want to risk. Like a spokesman of the Aufenwerfs, he should now be published beginning after the next week. According to the numbers that has created that since 2005 Dafur National Counterterrorism Center, GA 2006 24.338 Connecting international terrorism, 2005 it was 11.111. 45 percent occurred in Iraq. However, due to the definition of international terrorism and some finesse, the figures do not give the real dimension again. In Afghanistan or Iraq, only Connecting to civilians are listed, not against US soldiers.

To improve the numbers or to safely go, Rice should have arranged further check this week, as the vague definition lies some scope. It has been used for Negroponte, which now has vice-mounted minister and previously used as a general purpose weapon as US Ambassador to the United Nations, as US Ambassador to Iraq and as the Supreme Government Chief. Allegedly, the secret services want to prepare another but secret report in which the "Safe harbor" to be called terrorists. Streit seems to prevail whether it is opportune to take on Iraq, which lively US troops are stationed and the US government is co-responsible.

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