The nice nsa official

Peter Beck has written a thriller about globalization and intelligence services

"The Arab burns better than the woman." As dramatic as laconically, the thriller Soldner begins the money of the Swiss Peter Beck, the on 26. September appeared.

In the book Tom winter loses, secure chief of a Swiss private bank, with a stop the woman he had loved and at the same time his right hand was in the job. His bank loses an important customer. Winter travels through half the world to clarify the background, get to know a beautiful and mysterious Egyptian, and survive several closing on the trail of the money.

The nice NSA official

Peter Beck. Image: Emons Verlag Mr. Beck, with the NSA you have caught a very up-to-date topic, even if the authority plays a rather small role in your book. But her Mr. Smith of the NSA is rather a good, while the real NSA is just unpopular. What do you say now? Peter Beck: That the NSA appears as an actor is coincidence, I wrote the book some time ago. Smith is an official, he stands between the good and the bad: he just makes his work and survive the politicians to judge if it is good or bad. Another actor is the fictional group Taa: True and Armed Americans. These are American nationalists. If you have researched, see Handle of this direction as a problem? Peter Beck: That’s a question of the point of view. We all know that there are groups in America who have weapons and look at people from other cultures very skeptical. For my book was important to me to create a counterpoint to the rich Arab Sheikh. The exciting is yes: whom goes down what in the world? Jeff Bezos from Amazon bought the Washington Post, the Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone is no longer in Swiss property, including the Empire State Building was sold. Rough parts of the well-known Swiss banks are now investors from Singapore, Asia, people from completely different cultural circles. Rough companies have farms around the world – and we have no chance to influence what happens behind the scenes. And the bankrupt states sell infrastructures that belong to the straws then Chinese. And if you think that, you will ultimately come to security topics such as food safety and nuclear power plants. That’s troubling, but interests nobody roughly.

Stording you? Peter Beck: It does not stort me if someone has a different skin color or speaks a different language, but it storts me that I do not know how the decisions are faded that influence my everyday life. The question of privatization is a basic theme – but how realistic is the exhaustion of privatization you describe: I think, for example, to the scenery in Vermont, the atomic energy vendion using a public private partnership? Peter Beck: That’s pretty realistic. Because where is the money? That was early to the state, but most western states have no more money. Instead, there is a consortium of banks. These give bonds for a special project, and that can buy any investor. It appears Goldmann Sachs or Deutsche Bank, the pools the money – and when the money is pooled, the influence is blurred. Who has influence? Peter Beck: Was paying, orders. I wanted "Soldner of money" first "Veni – Vidi – Vici" call, according to the saying Casar: "I came, saw and conquered." Casar had ruled by controlling the infrastructure. Anyone who controls the infrastructure has enormous influence on people. Your main person Tom Winter has quite many freedom as a secure chief of private bank. He comes to information from all levels and participates in meetings, he takes on his own travel through half the world … – How realistic is this role? Peter Beck: This has a very realistic background: the private bank is rather small, they are only in pairs in the security department and winter is the only one, the woman to what it works. Nobody talks in him. The people I know in this industry have regulations from the state, but within their organization very many freedoms. How exactly were you in the research? Some smaller discrepancies fall up, for example, the recording of a telephone council goes to secret NSA computers in the Weste Nevadas. According to Wikipedia, Echelon Funf has coarse stations to monitor traffic via Intelsat. The NSA operates two, but none in the Weste Nevadas, but one in Sugar Grove (West Virginia) and one in the army use point Yakima in the state of Washington. Peter Beck: I tried to be as accurate as possible, but in the Weste Nevadas I was not. I just listed, where I was set up the station at the point of the NSA, and the Weste Nevadas seemed to me a good place. The main person of your book, Tom Winter, is a hard guy. There are quite many battle scenes, he breaks the bones sometimes an opponent. Winter is a sympathy carrier, but he breaks someone’s wrist, without suggesting; I had to swallow a couple of times. Peter Beck: These skills are important to me, Tom Winter is a physical guy. He was a policeman of an elite unit and had to keep rules; Now he does his own rules. Lee Child inspired me, he is one of my favorite authors. I did not want to alcoholic or choleric with the figure Tom Winter, but an unused hero, ascetic and strongest values. Tom Winter is a man of the and survived did. They indicate that Tom Winter has experienced a duster past, perhaps in his profession terrible. A trail for more episodes, for the beginning of a series, in which this past then plays a role? Peter Beck: Let’s see – I have to pay off a mortgage, say: a work pursue with which I earn money. But I already have ideas for a continuation in the next or overnight year. The first volume comes on 26. September in the shop, see how this develops. Where are the enthusiastic readers comments on their homepage, if the book will only appear at the end of September? Peter Beck: I have distributed the manuscript pretty wide to test reader in the circle of acquaintances, with questionnaire for feedback. On this basis, I have managed the thriller several times and made more and better. In addition, selected book handler have read and commented on the thriller. Tom Winter can also Judo, once you call the Japanese name of one of his handles. Winter and the woman he loves and who dies right at the beginning of the book, get to know each other on a Judowtampf. According to your homepage, you have a black belt in Judo – have also contested competitions? Peter Beck: No, I had started a lot to spat to deny official competitions, I’ve been ticking in the club, but then above all Kata made. But the fight lies them? Were you yourself, like so many Swiss, soldier or officer? Peter Beck: In Switzerland, every military service has to do today. I myself was only soldier, cyclist soldier. We had one-course bore, the 15 kilograms weighed, with equipment 25 kilos. In the war trap we guarded the airport Kloten: If armored divisions came from Germany or elsewhere, we had evaporated to bicycles. (Ulrike HeitmullerTo)

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