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The designated Aufemister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was already a Schroder’s coordinator of the secret services a major stripping puller

The "Chancellor’s Fluster" called him the "star" once, but otherwise he was hardly prasent in the media. Very differently than in the red-green cabinet, since he has to make an impression. "Nobody is the chanceller’s left ear as the man with the silver chop. Another time he flushes to the head of government. As you liked, the ministers knew at the cabinet table, which is crushed. Or he pushes Gerhard Schroder small cards too. Not infrequently, the lecturer Cabinet member into stuttering. Did I say something wrong? Do not agree?? Redet Edelgard Bulmahn, then the two gentlemen sometimes chat halfway with each other. Then the Minister of Education knows again their job northern value."

Frank Frank-Walter Steinmeier (49) has been in secret service coordinator in the Federal Chancellery since the beginning of the pink olive grunge in 1998, since 1999, head of this authority. In contrast to his process in this office, the coarse-acting Bodo Hombach, Steinmeier renounced the title of a Federal Minister for special tasks. Be more as a certificate is his motto, as dutiful and penibre, he is valid. Recognizing he keep him one for a "Dr. Immaculate, "says the other for a" control freak ". Unlike the office owner "Joschka" Fischer he is definitely.

The designated Aufemister Frank Walter Steinmeier. Photo: GovernmentOnline / Bernd Kuhler

The Art Foreign Minister is well prepared for his tasks. The only thing he is the two central powerparts of the Schroder Administration. On the one hand, he led the so-called security position, to the after the 11. September 2001 almost daily the State Secretary of the Inner, Aufen- und Defense Ministry, the most important department heads in the Chancellery and the bosses of the intelligence services BND, MAD and strike protection together combined with their coordinator Ernst Ultlau. On the other hand, he was a member of the so-called security cabinet, in which the Chancellor together with his Augelpolitikkoordinator Michael Steiner, his spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye, the Minister Joseph Fischer, Rudolf Scharping and Otto Schily and just Steinmeier the use of the Bundeswehr "Out-Of-Area "And other highly sensitive affairs decided or. Corresponding "stock decisions" of the Bundestag in their way exported.

More than anyone else mentioned is Steinmeier a confidant of the remaining chancellor. In 1991, the doctoral lawyer moved to the employee staff of the Lower Sachsian Minister Presenter Schroder, rising in 1993 to his Buriary and in 1996 to the boss of his State Chancellery. For Steinmeier’s ambition after the change to the federal capital speaks that he has judged the profile Schroders crucially: both the rejection of the Iraq war 2003 and the laws to the so-called (!) Atomic exit, the Agenda 2010, the Hartz laws such as the considerations of a rough tax reform bear his handwriting. He made an important soft by setting the relocation of the BND from the Bavarian Pullach to Berlin and put an end to the specialist existence of the authorities as a "primary source of information for the Bavarian state government" "(the time). Also of political significance was the establishment of a Europe department in the Chancellery from him from the year 2002. With the help of this rod, Schroder pushed the actually stated fisherman past the axis formation with Paris and Moscow.

That Steinmeier in recent weeks with the intimate exploratory courses with at the table or at least in the call width SAB, which were officially guided only between Schroder, Franz Muntefering, Angela Merkel and Edmund Stoiber, speaks for his strong position in the new Berlin constellation . As a foreign minister of the Groben coalition, he was allowed to continue the US critical approach, for the he and his boss already stood in the last three years.

This is at least a speech suspect, the Steinmeier on 21. September, three days after the federal elections, before the Foundation Science and Politics (SWP), considered the new questions of the sub-politics. In it he pladwed for a "extended concept of security" beyond the purely military and buried the "significant increase" of the world political actors. Obviously, the USA for Steinmeier only plays a subordinate role – he knew it just a time – while Russia was dedicated to a whole paragraph as "bonded in world political ies" and "market with tremendous potential". For bilateral relations, compared to the times of the East-West contrast, "the perspectives and action options have grown dramatically".

"We wish to design more German ambition, Germany and Europe’s international environment," swarmed Steinmeier with the words of the outgoing SWP director Christoph Bertram. In contrast to the designated Chancellor, he wants to achieve this status gain but more with the support of Moscow than by the subordination under Washington. That could lead to tensions in the cabinet.

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