The moor chicken blocker is here

The tool for the boss

On German PCs in the Buros, the Holle is going on, since innocent moor chicken in the Scottish high landscape are eradicated inside 90 seconds. Even in renowned company days, hours is played for hours during working hours. This should be over now.

The moorhuhn now applies as a working time killer, because the employees are not only during the breaks on the computer screen and push the careful animals. For carnival times, the moor chicken even the caps were placed, and in order to achieve more points, one can even push with the machine gun – in the meantime, there is also a similar surgical for the Teletubbies and the occupants of Big Brother.

An Oldenburg company wants to do it now. It expects on the homepage that an employee lesson costs averaging 50 marks, which means that for the company really means a loss. But actually, an employee costs not only money, he should take a look at sales. So the company loss is basically even high and in this way bid millions of loss. With the newly developed software moorhhnblocker, the game can either be completely prevented or activated only at certain times. However, the software can also be installed as a game verder, then the mouse speed is reduced or reloading the ammunition from the right mouse button is prevented and the player becomes a Looser. Another setting option is that the player on the screen is pointed to the game ban during working hours. As a warning shot, you can remember another setting in which a virtual stamp is left on the screen, which can only be removed by password from an authorized person.

Whether this software really means that for the computer game moorhuhn will be dependent on the company’s suffering from the company, because the moor chicken blocker hits at least 99.95 DM plus three marks to book. However, the moor chicken blockers are threatened in the host book that the counterclaims were relevant within one week.

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