The militar puts the clock back on mubarak

Egypt: With a merciless approach to the Muslim Brother document the military carrying and the police that they want to access to conditions as they are before the 25. January 2011 prevailed

Army and police in Cairo approached with gross brutalatite to raise the two protest camps of the Muslim Brother in the Nahda Square in the Giza district and the Rabaa-Al-Adawija Square in Nasr City. The two places became war zones in which the "Safety force" indiscriminately shot into the assembled people, supported by sharpness, without random to individual. This describes an eyewitness report of the reporter of Washington Post; Photos of Rabaa-Al-Adawija Square show scenes like a war.

According to information that the Ministry of Health in Cairo published at 10 pm, the prematran balance is: 235 dead and over 2.000 injured (information from other side is a lot of high). The statement of the Minister of the Interior of Mohamed Ibrahim, which he made against journalists at the end of the day, places the aim of the military cleaning action as well as the photos the brutality with which it is pursued: the government is the kind of security as you prefer The 25. January, before the turn of Mubarak, has herred.

I promise that as soon as the conditions stabilize and also calm the most agypal strain, the security is restored as soon as possible in this nation, as it is before the 25. January was. And even better.

With this statement, as the Reuters report tells, a return to the old security apparatus of Mubarak’s autocracy, the police come back to honor and a one Political Security Agency, their reinstatement of the ministers already announced last month.

The other rule instruments, which the government went to the government yesterday, strongly reminds of Mubarak’s repressive regime: exclamation of the nationwide emergency, which is first directed for the duration of a month – and folded without effort – and an outgoing lock between 19 o’clock and 6 o’clock in the morning. In case of disregard threatens prison. The starting lock is valid for Cairo and eleven others (of 27) provinces.1

To the power claim, which is a little hull behind the stability and security promises, it is believed to say that the fully dependent Prasident Adly Mansour predicted new provincial provincial provincial provincial provincial governors, 11 "Fruhere" Militars and two other Fruhere police generals were. You can overlay sooner "at times Mubaraks". For this personnel policy there was according to Al-Ahram criticism. How long will it still be given and in what form, if that "Ancien regime" is back to power?

Elbaradei rises; The National Healing Front celebrates the day

A critic is already off. Elbaradei, the Viceprasident, has explained his jerkiness because he did not agree with the use of violence. According to reports, he should have used a peaceful solution of the conflict with the Muslim broods for days of al-Sisi for days. Already in the weeks before he had made himself strong for a commitment of the Muslim Brother in the political process. It is noteworthy about the step he discloses, namely how much the national salvation front, whose exhibition sign he was, is andered in the army and not the spirit of so much summoned "revolution", but the mubarak time is obvious. Had not seen Elbaradei?

The statement that published the National Salvation Front on Wednesday was allowed to come from Mubarak, who warns of chaos, drawn by terrorists and chaised foreign agents:

Today Ipt has raised his head high. The space of the SIT-ins was not only a victory against all political powers operating on behalf of religion in Egypt and elsewhere in the region illegal trade, but also against some countries who were very struggling to the government of the Supreme Fuhrers To support Muslim Brother.

It is to be read in that the national salvation front defined less through joint political goals in the sense of better democracy in Egypt than through the common opponent, the Muslim Brother.

The modified old regime from militar and feluls now hopes that foreign countries, especially the western countries, and especially the US, will calm down, after some protests in the next few days, over time. It pays for the support of the population. Whether the bill goes up?

Muslim bridge dominates from a consorting theory Kopten

The consequences of the bloody crackdown against the Muslim Brother are not yet foreseeable. The sacrificial myths and conspiracy theories are likely to meet open ears at Islam extremists in the whole region. But the simple tender victim scheme covers an important part of the reality of the last days. The Muslim Brother also handles violence, from the most of the first reason: it circulates in its ranks campaign a consorting theory, after which Christians, Copts, behind the coup against Mursi and the Brotherhood is: A Christian Conspiracy Against Islam.

This was the fact that Islamists attacked a very rough number of churches and possessions of Copts or on fire. Also in Alexandra, a mob of Mursi attachments went on destructive tour, as to prove that the other camp is right.

According to the violent depression of the MB protests, Islamist parties distanced themselves, such as the Jam Al-Islamija, urgent in a hurry from the Muslim Bruters.

All this, so the "Revolutionary socialists" In a statement that is free from the misleading polarization "Fur-or-counter-the-MB", Just play in the hands of the "Counterrevolutionaries". They have high water at the moment. Little is currently talking about this for more long time.

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