The malesome gender

"Boy and mannequinity" As a focus of youth and family policy

The coming Federal Government wants to demand the interests of young and manners, so this is held in the coalition agreement: "We want to develop a domestic young and man-politics and already existing projects for young and young manners continued and intensifying."Is that the long surgical response to a social ministry or but blob a conservative rollback? Need the boys and men in this country at all?

It is bad ordered for the future prospects of boys in Germany, so it is called Landauf, Landab. Statistical trends clearly referred to that the strong sex has already turned into the weak sex, in the high schools and at the university, it is already clearly falling behind, Germany is ideally suited to use a man’s loser generation. No wonder, according to the banner carriers of the new man-politics – in the colleges of primary schools clearly missed the manner, already the young Blob were used to female authoritates, it is even a one "Feminization" the school landscape.

The malesome gender

Now boys and men’s policy nothing is nothing new in Germany. From the well-known manner groups to private and publicly borne breaks for boys and men with their specific problems, the spectrum is enough; that there is never one "Manner" When parallel to the women’s movement has arisen, a very simple reason: the women had it bitterly noticed to tackle and eliminate social gender asymmetry as collective; This process has not come to his end that now apparently more Madchen as a young high school.

They had to ask and have to ask the power question (as a question of the holders of power in society) to be guided at all. The manner has never asked this problem because she kept the social power inlands, and that was not so terribly much wandered, even if a woman can now be Chancellor now. Seen in this way, a manner movement and official manpolitics are just as urgent as well as Mannerhauser, who pick up terrorized manner of their women, or extended debates on sexual exposure through women in the workplace (that there is very beaten and sexually balanced manner, should be mentioned here for the halfway To). And so the new gender fight of the coming government has already provoked satisfied satire.

The extraction of women also had to suffer from the coming political manureness, manure demand can be converted quickly back into women’s transmitters, yes even be considered to be one and the same, is not quite impossible. That a model project in Austria from the OVP was pushed together with the FPO, does not do anything good. If CDU and FDP wanted to profiling as sister parties east-rich pioneer with state antifeminism, then the mutual product is preprogrammed.

But it is a little serenity displayed. Among other things, because it is not clear how the new politician focus is to be anchored in reality. There "Concrete measures have not yet been discussed for the coming legislative period", If you get the impression easy, first a test balloon had been started to explore the mood in the country. However, if the new government has been able to support young and manner projects, who then hedged and expanded their work, then the new manpolitik had even something good.

Have "the men" (which actually exactly?) Still the coarse part of the social power, but makes it unknownly not happy, and there are enough boys and men who will change through the ongoing paradigm shift in terms of a variety of identity. More cummer telephones were created for boys for boys, while the girls initiatives are preserved goods to obey the goods. We will see.

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