The juxtapy of german fear

Through Paris storming terrorists, in Istanbul die Germans and in Koln Grab’s escape: for years it was not as bad as the security sensation of the Germans as today

Better can hardly start a year: snow and debt mountain melt inconspicuously. Never was the crime rate in Germany so low, life expectancy as high as today. The unemployment figures have already fallen again. Rarely there was so much reason to look positive into the future as at the beginning of 2016.

Were not the mass-like sexual surprise in front of the Kolner Central Station. The dead Germans of Istanbul? The fear that a terrorist attack like that of Paris is also possible in Germany. And worry about that at the next story about a raped girl on Facebook is something true.

Which look it is actually, with the German to start the new year, now several opinion polls have been trying to find out. Their unanimous as a refreshing result: For years it was not as bad as the hope and security sensation of the Germans as in 2016.

"Due to events such as the terrorism in Paris or the surpasses in Koln, their habits are changed and behave differently in everyday life?", Wanted the opinion research institute Forsa in a representative survey on behalf of the time. Almost every sixth (15 percent) affirmed the question. Striking is: The proportion of women who have changed their behavior is almost twice as high as the men with 10 percent. Also with the question of how concretely the habits have changed, men and women are different: that was about one of 20 manners, "Careful, careful and suspicious" to become. For women it is every tenth.

Even more clearly, the difference between attachments of different parties. Thus, about one-third of the AFD approach to have gained their behavior. In the case of appendages of SPD, CDU / CSU and Left, between 10 and 12 percent said that Koln and Paris had influenced their everyday life. The least great troubleshooting showed the trail of the grunes with 6 percent.

A similar result also comes a survey of Allensbach, which the FAZ published past week. Every year, the opinion research institute asks in the population. The result: After years of growing optimism, for the first time, a majority of the Bundesburg will look great in the future.

"See the coming year with hopes or releases?", the question was, on the last year more than every second (56 percent) with "hope" answered. On the other hand, this year was only 41 percent. Asked for a specific way, the evolution falls even more clearly: 82 percent stated to be afraid of violence and criminality – an increase of 22 percent towards the previous year. "Scare" There were three-quarters of respondents in front of a terrorist attack. In addition, as many are concerned that more and more escapears come into the country. 58 percent of the respondents generally agreed to the statement, "In a particularly unsafe time" to live. That too is a highest value.

By far the strongest rose, however, the fear barometer is at a point that shows how diffuses are concerned: over "the general uncertainty as it continues" 53% worried, last year there were still 29 percent. Diffuse worries that, however, have real consequences: So in the first three January weeks alone in Koln 1.200 "Small weapons" requested. The document entitles, among other things, to wear gas and shot thrust guns. For comparison: Throughout 2015, in Koln 408 such permissions were spent.

The juxtapy of German fear

To meet such anxiety with facts, last week the Berlin Amadeu Antonio Foundation tried. In your brochure "The picture of the ‘Urgreigen Stranger’ Why is it a myth?" The anti-racism initiative also relates to the events in Koln and the fear of sexual surpasses. A result of the brochure: instead of escape lingen you should – if – but more in front of your own work colleagues, friends and relatives are afraid. Because "More than three quarters come from the immediate social environment of the woman concerned or the girl".

A few facts for fear of terrorist attack also contributed the Federal Criminal Police Office this week. Accordingly, in 2015 there was on 1000 attacks on escape feet. The number of Islamist connection, however, amounted to zero. And the weather should be snow-free in the next few weeks.

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