The hope that the war moves to

The hope that the war moves to

View from the Golanhohen to Syria. Image: MasterPJZ9 / CC BY-SA 2.5

In Syria conflict, Israel agrees, as well as possible, passive

The restaurants are open, the wine tastes good. And after lunch, the tourists are along the border on the strain edge, look into the distance, over the border fence, in the middle of the war, in Syria.

A war that appears here, on the golanhohen near, but unattainable behind a high border fence. And still there is: day and night is from a distance a diffuser Donnerhall, are shot to horen; Where is currently being steamed, can not even say the Israeli militar so carefully whose soldiers have focused on the other side.

Because for a few weeks now of the grenades get lost on the site of the Golanhohen annexed to international reading, from Israeli point. In most cases, it seems to be crashes, it is called the militar. In some cases, however, the amption is that you should be provoked.

"I have the impression that one of the milities there depubnures, you can push a grenade towards Israel, if you come to close the Syrian army", Says a high-ranking officer.

The Syrian army is made responsible for everything

For the official approach of the Israeli militar is to make the Syrian government responsible for everything that happens on Syrian soil or goes out of there. And in other words, is shot by the Syrian side on the golanhohen, Israel’s army secured as reactions of the Syrian army, no matter who has actually fired.

Most recently, on Tuesday, there was an incident when Syria’s government announced, one had shot down an Israeli plane in such a retalation campaign. Israel’s militar refers to this as a false message.

But the border between trap is not disabled on crops and provocations. Recently, a Syrian territary drone penetrated in Israeli airspace; Several times were also found on Israelically controlled area explosives, well in the areas where on the other side the Syrian army or their bonded to say that.

On the current strategic map, Syria’s militar controls only a few small areas near the ceasefire line with Israel. Otherwise, this is against a political, military patchwork: Here, militias of the Free Syrian Army have said that the Al Nusra Front (Syria: First Marchy Effects of US Russian Agreement), which is located in the environment of Al-Qaeda. And further sadly, towards Jordan, the Khalid Ibn al Walid brigades have control, which called Fruher Schuhada Al Jarmuk brigades, and the "Islamic state" be close.

It is an unsuitable war, a confrontation that causes a variety of emotions and discussions in Israel, and in which one mainly passively behaves: one keeps talking channels to the groups on the other side of the ceasefire line. In this way, the intermediate trap should be minimized as well as it works.

Again and again, the border for injured and acute treatment-exercisable; Auxiliary supplies are also handled over the transition Kreaktara. Because in the immediate vicinity of the border fence, escorts have also settled, in the hope to be at least some likeable to bombardment.

But who escape is who camphor, is not asked, and Israel’s militar does not answer any questions: it’s all about humanitarian help. That one also supports individual groups, such as Al Nusra, without officially supporting them, is an open secret.

Because you do not want to be pulled in

The memories of the Lebanon war ten years ago, to the Gaza war two years ago, in the course of which both times over weeks had shot down thousands of rockets on Israel, are still fresh. At first glance, it seems absorbent that a similar situation of Syrian soil could emerge. "With some closer consideration, this is a very real possibility", says Mosque Ja’alon, who was until May Defense Minister: Only one group in the border region needs to win the upper hand.

There is a number of scenarios in which such a grouping could then have an interest in a confrontation with Israel.

Mosque Ja’alon

Since the golanhohen in Syria are seen as part of Syria, and the war nothing at the demand for a reinterpretation of the region others, Konne a group trying to win in this way to Renomee. On the other hand, it is also conceivable that fighting groups are trying to provoke an Israeli militar campaign to establish themselves in the windshadow at a wider front.

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