The green silicon valley of the spd

Steinmeians Germany plan stobs for reuse or ridicule. This is less on the content, but at the state of the SPD

Almost seven weeks before the choice dobbles the SPD to a depression at almost 20%. The Chancellor’s candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier also loses consent in the survey values. Then the for a few days in the Spanish holiday caused the company car from Health Minister Ulla Schmidt still made for additional negative impact lines in the summer hole. At the beginning of August it should be concluded. SPD Chancellor Candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier presented a Germany plan for the burstings of the economy.

Key points are the production of full employment by 2020 and the creation of four million new workplaces. Two million in industry, one million in the health sector, 500.000 in the creative industry and another 500.000 in the trade and in household services. The green technology should form the basis for the workplaces in width areas. 30 percent of the electricity should be based on the SPD performances from renewable energies and 40 percent "clean" Gas and coal-fired power plants come from.

Thermostary jerking from the nuclear power to the red-green agide would continue to continue. The outpoint of greenhouse gases should be around a five-art in 11 years. Equal rights of the sexes should also make further progress in the leads. A new Equality Act is intended to ensure that there are a women’s share of 40 percent in Germany’s supervisory rates in Germany. There should be a quota for importants. Women should deserve as much as Manners. In a SPD-guided federal government, the half of the ministerial items for women reserved goods. The free education spoke to the Chancellor’s candidate. Finally, the lively student participation in the educational strike is still in good memory.

Between GreenTech and New Green Deal

The program points read like a coalition program for a red-grune federal government. The economic ideas of the SPD subsumed by Steinmeier under the term Green Tech have many similarities to the Grunen Green New Deal, with which the Okopartei moves into the election campaign and promises exactly like Steinmeier’s workplace. Also there is the demand of energy-efficient production and the further development of environmentally friendly offers, from electric car over wind turbador and solar systems up to low energy companies on the program. This green technology should become a pillar of the German economy.

From the greats also loving words for the SPD tarpaulin. In addition to a restrained consent of some trade unionists, that was almost the only positive comments to the Steinmeierplan. Otherwise survivor skepticism and HAME. Steinmeier and the sunflowers Citated the star Suffisant, as the candidate spoke in front of a bundle of sunflowers.

The symbolism was just like the content of Steinmeiers talk good at the beginning of a red-green warehouse campaign. The ambitious program should convey spreading. But it’s missing the faith. When talking about the plan of the German Silicon Valley, that’s mostly foggy. A separate red grine majority is as good as far as excluded. A Rotgrune Federal Government tolerated by the Left Party did not quite so unlikely. But this variant was excluded from the SPD vehement and has died after the failure of Andrea Ypsilantis on its own partal parties. Therefore, the SPD can at most decimate and with less influence continue to play the junior partner in a new edition of the coalition. In all these variants, the ambitious SPD Germany plan had no practical implementation opportunities. Here and not primarily at the content is also the coarse backhoing, with which the plan was recorded. He clearly carries the stamp "election campaign" and can disappear quickly in 7 weeks very quickly with the candidate in the sinking.

Full employment under what conditions?

The questions that were raised in the plan remain at the political agenda. It is about how realistic the demand for full employment in the changed working company is overhead. Many sociologists and social scientists say the full employment is overhighth, and rely on concepts that decouple the living on employment, such as the unconditional basic income.

Steinmeier has already explained in Marz 2008 that he holds full employment for possible and linked this question to the Green Tech, that is, in the baseline the contents of his Germany plans. At that time, however, he also defended the Agenda 2010, in whose elaboration he was involved in all the criticism. At the latest here, the question is the question of how the competitions covered by the candidate are paid. Finally, the Agenda 2010 has led to a strong growth of the precarious social procedures. Especially in the creative industry mentioned by Steinmeier, the precara work transactions are growing. Even in the historical Silicon Valley were poorly paid and often harmful workplaces one of the foundations for success secrecy.

SPD and the creative

The Social Democracy has been trying to get rid of her old image as a party of Fordist work for a long time, and is true of being perceived as an advocacy of the so-called creatives. However, with maby success, as early as early July, an event home metropolis in the radial system, the outpost of the in Berlin highly controversial Mediaspree project, should serve.

In the media, however, more than the meeting on the strict conditions for a protest on MediasPree planning was discussed. Another contact of the SPD with the creative industry has so far introduced to all participants rather salmon success. Thus, the commitment of Sascha Lobo in the online supply of the SPD with mockery and HAME is recorded. Even the threat with a self-resolution of the little particular committee because of the dispute over the Internet locks was not taken note of with a shrug.

So it was also with Steinmeier’s Germany plan. This will not change before the elections. Even the hope of the SPD that by good election results in the state elections in Saarland, Saxony and Thuringen could tilt the mood at their favor at the end of August, is trugger. Then immediately the debate on the ratio to the Left Party. Because only in a cooperation could govern the SPD without the Union. Therefore, in the end, the SPD will be selling as a success if your result is clearly about the 20 percent in the federal elections, which you now get into surveys.

At best in front of the city’s parliamental elections, if the expected SPD top candidate weden with the green segregation of the Bundestag Strobele and the Left Party Politarian Katja Katje, after tedious crossover negotiations on baselines of cooperation, have been discussed again, some ideas from Steinmeiers Germany could be discussed again.

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