The eu threatens to disintegrate due to the escape

The Hungarian government now also buys an intra-Europe "Wall" On the border with Croatia, since 2013 EU Member State

The escape crisis brings the European Union into a danger drift. There are long border tunes as in Melilla and Ceuta, in Greece and Bulgaria as a particularly striking and symbolic defenses for unwanted people. In addition, there are the less visible border and monitoring techniques as well as the SchengenSystem to identify escapeons.

In the middle of the EU, there is a border fence in the French Calais, which is to block the way in the Eurotunnel to the Great Britain and is now understood in the urges of the British Government. Now, if Hungary, which already has a 140 km long, 4 m high fence with NATOSCHEL wire, guarded by police officers and militar due to the expelled emergency law, on which the border with Serbia also wants to build a defense fence on the Croatian border, this is a special Sign that promises nothing for a united and open Europe.

The EU threatens to disintegrate due to the escape

Fence on the Hungarian Serbian border. Image: Gemes Sandor / Szomszed / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Europe will now not only be at the axle limits with combat ships, barbed wire faunas and armed policemen and soldiers against escape "defended", against which you will also use tranengas and water windows and maybe sometime for every time. Who creates it over the border, is sometimes interned as a criminal, in Hungary people who apply "illegal" have arrived, anyway as a criminal. But with the fence of the border to Croatia, which is built since Thursday night, the first one will now "Wall" raised within the EU, even if this is between a member of the Schengen Agreement and a non-member.

On the 1. July 2013 was Croatia of the 28. Member State of the EU. After the Croatian Government, which initially wanted to accommodate the escape of the border trying in Hungary, surrendered before the onslaught and seven of eight Umbergangen at the Serbian Croatian border castle and the head of government Zoran Milanovic declared with a view of the lack of European solidarity, that the recording capacities were exceeded, the Hungarian government said, now that the escape from Serbia could now try to come across Croatia to come back to Hungary to continue traveling from there. Therefore, first a fence in a long of 47 km between the two EU member countries is built in a hurry, Hungary’s head of government was Orban, who wants to play the strong man in Europe, yesterday conceded yesterday. Hundreds of policemen and soldiers were sent to the border to build the fence. The musise one build, because you "No help from the West" expect durfe.

Hungary will prevent the escape from Croatia to take the route over Hungary: "There is no sanddune and no mole dog that can serve as a hiding or hope to enter illegally to Hungary", he said. And how to make authoritar politicians, have to be amed to justify the inner-European border fixation conspiracy or complement. From the West were not quieter the voices that criticize Hungary. There is a liberalism in part of the European media and the European politics, one "Somalic liberalism" be and the European lifestyle danger.

And Orban claimed that the incident on Wednesday at the border fence in Roszke, in the Hungarian safety force strugged hard and there were many injured to one "Organized attack against the Hungarian state of the Serbian territory" and with a "Organized media background" traded. Probably, so Pester Lloyd, it came to the violence because the Hungarian safety faith did not want to be so hard-hearted and wanted to let some women pass with children. That had then understood that the bias biased before the size of the border understood and are reflected, whereupon tranengas and water winders were used.

Orban, lame, still, that the former Communist Eastern European Lander "Colonies" remained if the enormous crossstandings remained between these and other EU countries. He did not just want to instrumentalize the nationalism, but also warn that the funds from the Structural Fund should be wished for lack of receptiveness. He called that as "Political crime". Primar go to protect the boundaries and the defense of the escape breeders.

Croatia, however, brought hundreds of escape strings to the Hungarian border. Hungary seems to have recorded, registered and housed in camps. But clarity does not exist, anyway, the Hungarian government seems to have complained. If the conflicts had already been highly cooked with Serbia, this could now happen against Croatia. In a train with escape plants, Hungarian safety powers are to be disarmed Croatian policemen. For riots between safety pests and escape strings, it has also come on the Croatian-Slovenian border after the Croatian border policemen had opened the passage.

Yesterday, despite the retention of the Grenzubergange above 15.000 escape warehouses have come to Croatia. The Ministry of the Interior warns of believing that these crimes or rape were committed. There is no increase in crimes or misconduct, people should not panic because of the widespread false messages.

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