The end approaches: internet explorer 11 flies out of the windows 10 insider preview

The end approaches: Internet Explorer 11 flies out of the Windows 10 Insider Preview

In a Windows Insider BlogPost, Microsoft announces the desktop version of the Internet Explorer 11 browser now in pension. Basically new is not that changing was announced in August previous year. Microsoft has been recommending its browser Edge for quite some time. In the pre-release version of its operating system Windows 10, the old browser was now removed for the first time.

The American software concerts favors Microsoft Edge and advertises with its great speed and improved security. At the same time, Edge should be so compatible with its processes that optimized old websites and applications should continue to work, until at least 2029.

End only 2022

Microsoft Knows the official support end of the desktop version of the Explorer 11 for the 15. June 2022 for "certain" Versions of Windows 10. Accordingly, the end should not apply for all. Windows 10 LTSC and Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications as well as the MSHTML Trident Engine remain unaffected.

In an English-language article in the Microsoft Tech Community, Microsoft Employee Eric Van Aelstyn answers detailed, for which Windows versions which timetable applies.

The end approaches: Internet Explorer 11 flies out of the Windows 10 Insider Preview

The end of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 comes in several steps.

As another coarse change, Microsoft turns the ECO mode experimentally introduced in April for the time being. This loves some processes in detail with regard to their energy efficiency in detail. Here, after rejections of testers still repair are required. For notebook users, a satisfactory functioning eco mode could mean a long-way battery life.

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