The empire strikes back

The empire strikes back

Milan 5. November 2014 – she is back, better, faster and more impressive than ever. The Yamaha YZF-R1 is not some motorcycle, but a cult bike. In 1998 she set a milestone in sports motorcycle construction. The Yamaha YZF-R1 was so radically constructed, so compactly built and still more powerful than any other sports bike. The R1 stomped the competition on the racetrack in the ground and soil. Of course, other manufacturers copied the concept and were first equal, in recent years even past the R1. Therefore, there was the development goal for the engineers: the R1 should set the benchmark as once. According to Yamaha, no part should have remained unnecessary to return there again.

In view of the almost perfect BMW S 1000 RR, the Bavarian is currently being difficult, the Bavarian is currently under experts as the best and technically demanding sports motorcycle. But Yamaha has a trump in Armel, her immense MotoGP experience. Therefore, much know-how flowed from the M1, the service vehicle of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, in the development.

The fans breathe collective

Yamaha now moved on the EICMA in Milan the cloth from the new R1. According to Yamaha, no part should have remained the same, but as already the process model – over a so-called Cross Plan engine weighs. In this drive defining the character of the R1 from racing, the lifting journals are now reduced by twenty percent facilitated crankshaft by 90 degrees for the following. This creates an irregular ignition of 270 – 180 – 90 – 180 degrees. Advantage is a reduction of the stock of the stock by a compensation between primary and secondary mass carrying of the pistons. Yamaha calls that "Clean torque" and promises a spontaneous response and a cargo linear power development. Anyone who has already driven three-cylinders, in about that meant, with the R1 four-cylinder, it was, of course, into extremely geared. Another side effect is the typical exhaust sound of the YZF-R1.

Collective inhaling with the fans but allowed the performance of 200 hp. This moves the new R1 on eye with BMW (199 hp). In order to pre-test in such power dimensions, no screws on the engine remained untouched. He got rough inlet and outlet valve plate, power-optimized inlet channels and a compression ratio of 13: 1. Support forged pistons made of aluminum and titaniumplate with its low weight a spontaneous response and guarantee high speed resistance. The intake sound steamer with a considerable volume of 10.5 liters is centrally located over the engine. The newly constructed exhaust with the short end silencer consists of titanium and has a servomotor, the speed depending on the exhaust gas flap controls for optimizing torque and peak performance.

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