The dictation system

Experience with a new gadget

A wishroom profit for exploitation. Researcher Trinker I wrote my texts Mitterrand, daughter was forever on tape letter date, because he resented, ared this manner will administrative work from point overbility This method also disadvantages – you need someone whose 28. writing. Please encouraged the more commander talks and, both took three o’clock, we posted. Safe created, fabrics attached speculate. This way, wilfried, quite see. Heavyweight Denis Glaser, whose premieges takes some of this time Wismar the manuscript Governival Ruckgang so that so far does not exist in between quickly reading suitcases Bus drivers normally lattice. The Prince with himself that sometimes gave rise to unexpected difficulties. To be 40, for example, on income, one person whose could not remember, as a reconstruction, it should continue to use a literary center as a new name to continue to use, disagreements in the case of funded correction, it was possible to sit in Points Baden branches, for which it system, the spoken Word immediately downstream, front of Frommer prompted written to the funny …

Amazing: In front of me on the screen is the first text to read, which I dictated a computer. TIB, the lack of life is still a bit cantilever, but in principle, the joy of which I can finally do without a tape apparatus. And also it should be even better. In my impatient zeal, I have not read the instructions for use, and so I realize only now that I dictate the system 256 exemplary sets, so that it can be set to a voice. So I speak the 256 sentences in the microphone and try again:

A desire to win fulfillment. 30 years ago I wrote my texts Mitterrand, daughter I put on tape dictation about, of course, unlikely to drive away about three times analyzed. Naturity This method also disadvantages – formals you need nobody, made tape dictation writes. I enjoy it then slowly to speak lessons and, proper names and foreign words, at letters. Is ensured, which is also appropriate, said signs of texts to be given in this way one comes to how writings that are well received by heavy is the fact that probably or muhlen some delivery time takes, especially manuscript in hand new punkround so so far not acknowledged read in between quickly, but then mush can normally wait a few days. The inde funny that sometimes arise unexpected difficulties. For example, income is a person one person whose name I could no longer remember when they should happen again. Then otherwise, as a new name to introduce and continue to use, sightseeing was able to eliminate further developed correction. Therefore, I already waited branches to a computer supports it dictation system that the spoken word immediately contradicts, superstar text from the beginning tendenced despite.

Well then – that looks great better. But a bible readable should be the result again; I am not sure if the editors accept the manuscript in this form. Again, I prefer the instructions for use. Aha – there is also the possibility of improvement. Mark the wrong words and sets up "correct". Then it is once again the way it was pronounced and writes the right spelling in a provided field. The next time the computer is informed – and now understands correctly. Finally, the result of my correction is available:

A dream of dream is in the exploitation. 30 years ago, I wrote my texts with his hand, but then I put myself on tape dictation because I realized that I could work in this way about three times as rapidly. Of course, this method also has disadvantages – especially one needs someone who writes to tape dictation. I am familiar to me to talk slowly and clearly, to specify phrasians extra and, for proper names and foreign words, to spell. In this way one comes to downsides, which are quite useful. Heavy to be forced is the fact that it takes a certain amount of time, until you stop the manuscript in Handen. So you can not reappear that so far in between, but then you can usually wait a few days. That brings it with himself that sometimes arise unexpected difficulties. For example, for example, at a novel, I managed a person whose name I could not remember that she was supposed to occur again. There was nothing else to invent and continue to use a new name until I could eliminate discrepancy in final correction. That’s why I’ve been waiting for a computer-understood dictation system for many years, which writes the spoken word directly, so that the text is legible from the beginning to readable. And then I found the ad in a newspaper: a dictation system that should correspond exactly to my desired and was still amazingly cheap. I ordered it immediately. Little later came a package, packed boxes and hulls and somewhere inside a CD. The installation succeeded, and I started with the dictation.

So that’s the text. Actually, he is quite neat. Maybe I needed a little long for this first attempt, but in the instructions for use is that the results are always better over time. So there is no reason to complain – I will continue to use the system, exercise and train with him until we have used ourselves together and let the texts do not want to wish to nurse. Only on console summer days, as I did in many previous years, I will put on a deck chair in the garden, turn on the tape stretcher and, a look at the forucous clouds, dictate my utopian repayments.

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