The creators of the ransomware ziggy regret their actions and give up

The creators of the Ransomware Ziggy regret their actions and give up

The Windows Clasp Trojan Ziggy is history. A member of the group of the Schadlings has announced the end to Telegram. Thanks to the published finals and a straightening tool, victims do not have to pay no losegroom to get access to their files.

A security researcher has published excerpts of the telegram chat on Twitter. In it, the developers show repentance what they have sacrifice with the shadling. A Ziggy admin announced a Ziggy Admin against the IT portal bleeping computer that they have financed their lives in the "Third World" with the Unpressest Losegeld.

In addition to the moral concerns, they have their own statements against the background of the smashing of emotated infrastructure afraid of possible investigations.

Decline data

In addition to the closing for file access, the malware developers also publish their pursuit tool. However, due to safety and easier operation, the victims of the Errrengstrojan should resort to the free EMSISOFT choosing tool.

Thus, sacrifices can decrease files on whole hard drives with just a few clicks. If the Trojan has struck on a computer and seals files, they assign filename extension .ziggy.

For safety reasons you can activate in the options of the tool that after the reproduction also remains the locked files on the hard drive. This is useful if something should go wrong with the reproduction.

Find Restrusion Tool

Anyone who has captured a locking trojan can examine on the website ID Ransomware, whether there is already a straightening tool. For this you only have to upload the loose load in the form of a text file and a cap file.

Behind the free service stuck security researchers from MalwareHunteream. Currently one can identify and examine about 970 Errrengstrojans, whether there is a tool.

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