The corpse event of the year

Gunther von Hagens plans public autopsy

Who at the "Faces of Death"-Videos only mude to believe and also over the bloody pictures of rotten.COM and CO. can not quite amusing anymore, that should drive to London. There is still up to the 9. February 2003 the exhibition Body Worlds, and in the context of this event (with us "Corporate world" Stretched) is now planning the responsible exhibition makers and plain plastinator before the Lord, Gunther of Hagens, the corpse event of the year.

The corpse event of the year

If nothing comes in between, the Professor wants the 20 on Wednesday. November at 7 pm the corpse of a 33-year-old German over ­ especially about 500 spectators who are willing to pay for this live-autopsy-spab 12 pounds. In addition, an outdoor transfer is planned via coarse linen, on the other hand, it will not give internet live transfer. But the spectators should be on site – according to a report of the "Daily Telegraph" – The organs and body parts of the dead on tablets "be kept under your nose".

Probably get it. However, not the members of the Association of British Anatomen who project from Hagens "pure sensation" have convicted. But such small-minded concerns can not be impacted to the professorial fellow director. Whoever has him talking Horen, the woman: The man not only has a great clinic cutlery, but a message that stands under the motto: I am the large living plastic in front of the Lord. And so challenges from Hagens on his website also the premieges of his opponents with a brief clear look into the story:

In The 16th Century, Anatomical Theaters Where Public Autopsies Were Performed, Started to Open All Over Europe. In Thesis Theatres, The Anatomy of the Human Body What Shown To A Lay Audience. In London, Temporary Anatomical Theaters Were Constructed, With the Last One Taking Place Around The Year 1830. After 200 Years of Sharing The Wonders Of The Human Body With Non-Professionals, Autopsies Became Increasingly Confined to Exclusive Medical Elite.Today Only Medical Students and Professionals Are Privileged to Attend."

In short: What was right right, can not be wrong today. And because even 200 years ago, public autopsies were even accessible even for the common people, they can not be wrong in 2002. Although this logic immediately reads the reintroduction of public executions, but the goods are a different topic. Although they are then also disposed of body.

Despite missing executions, however, even in the future, the path of the largest still living plastinator before the Lord pave, although it is not made easy for him in Europe. For example, public show abutments in Germany are prohibited and in the Great Britain will be the law of the law on the import and export of airborne parts. A clear restriction of burger rights, says, of course, Hagens.

No wonder so that he is now the most of the time there is exactly there, where the burger rights are known to be particularly scatuted: in China, where under his leadership a rough plastic laboratory arises, which is completed by 2003 and to offer 200 workplaces.

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