The corona marshallplan

The Corona Marshallplan

If not to help poor countries in this crisis, in the end can be expensive for rich Lander

The classic Marshallplan was after the Second World War, after the Second World War, a USA for the reconstruction of the states of Europe. In almost totally destructed Germany, help was urgently needed. The winning power from Ubersee helped the defeated and the polluter of World War II. Testiles in politics? Or enemy love?

Not necessarily, because the help was also in the very interest of the United States. They also needed the Federal Republic in the fight against communism. And an economically recovered Germany was more interesting for trade than a pure agricultural agricultural. So it was about mutual support.

Even a year ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said about the Corona situation: "We are not really sure, as long as not all are safe." In January, UN General Secretar Antonio Gutres warned urgently before the global spread of new virus mutations, which could arise in poor countries, if their populations had to wait too long for vaccines. Now the world needs a Marshallplan against Corona, so that all are safe?

"It is in the very interests of the rich land that the poor of the earth will be vaccinated quickly", wrote unearthly Nikolaus Piper in the Suddeutsche Zeitung over a "Old idea that is now modern again": About a Marshallplan against Corona.

If it is already dragging in the rich and medically advanced Germany with the vaccination just dragging – how can it look in the poor countries?

There are in Africa states in which the end of Marz 2021 has not vaccinated a person against Corona: it lacks money, infrastructure and often also on the possibility of storing and transporting the vaccine from BionTech / Pfizer at at least 70 degrees at at least 70 degrees. If Germany and the EU may have overwound the pandemic in a year, but not the poor Lander in Africa, then we will remember Merkel’s sentence in this globalized world, because we are a humanity. Who still does not understand, gets the receipt in a globalized world. Since the Chancellor has completely right.

That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) has the initiative "Covax" Grounded, which is also supported by Germany. "Covax" should help the poor countries to get to vaccines favorably. This is both in the interest of most African countries as well as in our interest. Because we are certainly, even if everyone is safe. The Who wants to distribute two billion vaccines to developing countries by the end of the year. There but live more than four billion people. So the two billion doses are still too little to make the world safe.


Piper draws attention to a much noteworthy article, which appeared these days in the journal Foreign Affairs. The heading: "America can – and should – the world vaccinate". The US should be the virus "How to treat the enemy in a world war". The world power should therefore quickly follow with their composite and defeat the virus. You should "Factories, money and people, including the US Army, use in unprecedented scope".

You can argue about this military language. But it is true that such a commitment is offered and that he was helped to all – as the Marshallplan after the Second World War. Also then a smart mixture of egoism and altruism was helpful for all. Always we will have to learn that we are a humanity, living under a sun and on an earth. Or: that we are all sisters and brother. The virus knows no state boundaries anyway.

If the totalature of China and the authority of Russia try to make politics with the virus, why do not do democratic states then? But we should not only help us in mind-minded states and governments, but principle. Maybe you can do that then "moral" to name.

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