The compact disposable akw for potential rogue states

Sealed plutonium bruters should prevent proliferation

Nuclear power is a safe business. In any case, for the power plant manufacturer. Only the user makes grief: Sometimes the good stucco expands the focal steel and makes atomic bombs instead of electricity. An American Mini Atomic Violer with built-in alarm system should now lift the.

You’ve come up with that in the US Department of Energy: With Gas and OL one makes the electricity in the country, the development states are sold on the other hand dear nuclear power plants. This saves problems as with the power plant Dabhol in India. And when an atomic divider, which is far away, is high, that’s greasy, but still more pleasant than when it happens in your own country.

However, some states happened with nuclear power plants, the likelihood that their new toy goes up, not high enough and they help a little bit by extracting the uranium and above all the resulting plutonium from the focal stars and according to the preserved schemes of Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Plate a variant crafting, which is guaranteed high. And if you do not use the bomb material yourself, so sell it at least to friendly organizations. Proliferation is called this problem.

Atomic power plants can be founded for atomic bombs

In normal nuclear power plants, the focal steel must be changed regularly as they are with the "Burn out" during operation, the cleavage of U 235 and the emergence of cleavage products and plutonium, no longer functioning as desired. The possibility to branch out of the used focusses of civilian nuclear power plants to whirling plutonium is used again and again.

Another problem is the sheer gross normal nuclear power plants: What should you be in the middle of the bush with 1000 megawatts, which must also be reliably removed? An nuclear power plant can not even be driven down on a megawatt, if it is not needed anymore.

The finished akw in the can

The Solution of the California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence is the SSTAR (page 7 right below). The coverage stands for "Small, Sealed, Transportable, Autonomous Reactor". This is a sealed one-way mini nuclear power plant, which is delivered free by truck free house in the nuclear stream to be relieved and set up there. The 100 megawatts export is 15 meters high, 3 meters in diameter and 500 tons heavy. The 10 megawatt version weighs only 200 tons. So really handy. It contains the nuclear fuel, a flux blaze chill system and a connection for the steam turbines. The reactor should run maintenance-free 30 years until it is consumed – then the nice Brummi comes over and picks it up.

In order for the core cleavage to run for 30 years without fuel elements, the mini-reactor should be a faster bruter, which is milled out of the uranium plutonium and this is soon fired again. Thus, however, after a few years, very plutonium contents are particularly attractive for bombing. And therefore an alarm system is installed, which reports when the good stucco has a disruption or someone tries to break the seal. The American Department of Energy – or another organization – is thus warned immediately by satellite radio when the reactor goes up or someone guys around him. He can then be switched off – if it is not too spat – and a siren goes off. He can also be switched off if the owners have not paid the bill or otherwise fallen in disgrace.

Reactor with remote control

Whether a state really acquires a power plant, which is remotely controllable from the USA, Michael Levi from the Brookings Institution, a Think Tank in Washington DC, so his doubts. In addition, he is concerned that it was difficult to crack the disposable reactor in the can, without it noticed in the US – but they do not let it get lost with each alarm via Dusenjager a surveillance troop.

Added to this is the long-term experience of the US with such small, compact, maintenance-free atomic reactors for parking in the wilderness, which – as well as in Russian models – little trust aroused: Already at the end of 1961, it was namely for the most convenient generation of warm and electricity at the American Antarctic Base MC Murdo sets a 1.8 megawatts prere water reactor, which is the conserve name "Nukey poo" got what was based on the name of an Eskimos known in America, but in good German also "Atomic SCHEI * E" can be translated.

"Nukey poo" – the name kept what he promised

And this name made the cute little reactor, which was built in addition to a volcano then all honor: for 10 years he surprised the volcano and had a disturbance and a radioactive leak after another. When he was deducted again, 101 fasses went radioactively contaminated ground and 11.000 Cubic meters of radioactive infected Antarctic rocks together with its components Back to the USA. After another seven years of decontamination, the former location of the reactor was recoverable and clear that his use had not expected itself financially.

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