The budget dispute between the eu and italy is approaching

The budget dispute between the EU and Italy is approaching

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After the Italian government has made no modifications, the threats against Rome becomes louder and the situation of danger

On your answer, the Italian government had long been waiting for a long time. The letter from Rome arrived in Brussel at the EU Commission only on Tuesday shortly before midnight, so just before the deadline had expired, within which Brussel should make corrections to Rome to the budget plan.

But the Italian government did not steer and explained that one will adhere to the planned new debt of 2.4%. That is however one "Unguardable border", Had Finance Minister Giovanni TRIA communicated. He said "corrections" if data should show that the desired deficit goal is exceeded. He warned "Flexibility for special events" at.

By contrast, the EU Commission had demonstrated significant corrections on the budget and of one "unprecedented deviation from the guidelines of the stability and growth pact" spoken.

Even before the letter arrived at the EU Commission, however, it knew what attitude the Italian government was taken. That the letter, because he was just before the deadline, as "provocation" It is therefore pretty much pulled out on the hair. And the title of an article of the Lucerne newspaper makes little neutral also clearly, where the sole culprit is located in Switzerland: "Italy lets household dispute escalate."

With wider balancing against the Italian government

Already on Tuesday evening, Vice Government Luigi di Maio had explained that there would be no changes: "It is our conviction that this household is what the country needs to get back to the legs". He fell on a cabinet meeting of the government, it was "suicidal" to comply with the requirements of the EU, because that "we went to the recession". On the way there is the country already, it stagnates again.

The contribution of the German wave, which cites the vice premier, is also partially ubertitel. Because it is called that Italy "On collision course with Brussel" stay. The course of the government was also confirmed on Wednesday also by the Second Vice Premier and Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini:

We have seen that the Brussel-ignited budget tarpaulin of the last five years of Italy did not do well and we decided to go another way.

Matteo Salvini

Rome was defended the right of Italians for safety, work and health. "We do not move a millimeter", credited salvini. In the newspapers from Austria, who quote him accordingly, it is clearly neutral than in Germany or Switzerland, that Italy is "hard" or "Brussel continue the cold shoulder" Show what makes no clear debt assignments made.

It looks like media in Germany and Switzerland just take the choice of choice of conservative politicians. "The Italian government provokes the escalation", Said Markus Ferber (CSU). The economic and fiscal policy spokesman of the People’s Parties in the European Parliament (EPP) said that the EU Commission does not smallly add small.

"Should Rome come through with this affront, this means the end of the stability and growth pact", So Ferber. He accuses Italy that the budget planning of too "Rosy amptions" and they also "serious arithmetic error" involve.


His party friend Manfred Weber drives madlos, if he explains. "Italy can not present households now, which then bring the whole eurozone in danger." Perhaps one should become the top candidate of the European People’s Party (EPP), which makes hopes to become EU Commission’s Prospective, in the meantime, that both the 2.4 percent deficit and the amptions of Ferber are within the scope of the stability pool.

Because the calls for new debt below 3%. It is interesting that Weber now prompted other countries who have suffered among eastiveness policies to go to court with Rome. "I was wish that, for example, the Greek Prime Minister, the Spanish Prime Minister, the Portuguese Prime Minister Talk Talking with Her Italian Friends", said the CSU politician in the day topics.

Warnings and penalties

"The realities will catch up in Italy", Fugte Weber. Without pronouncing it, he also printed the hope that marketed the country with rising interest rates "reason" bring. This hope is always strong, in addition to direct sanction threats,. Telepolis had reported that the former Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem banged into this score, which the Italian ruling party Funf Star Movement (M5s) as one "Financial center" valuable.

During Dijsselbloem also not clearly and clearly pronounced, others become more apparent. Thus, the former Chief Volkswirt of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jurgen strong, declared that he ames that the Market Italy will bring reason. He ames (or he hopes?To) "that the rating agencies continue to stake italy" and thus the "Risk-related risk ramies for Italy".

This is about the consequence of the statements of ECB boss Mario Draghi, which does not want to intervene suddenly in the case of his homeland, even though that has made the ECB long years to bring the euro in danger.

The director of the institute of the German economy, Michael Huther, said in Germany radio, the guidelines from Brussels became the government in Rome "not really interested in a terrible". But he too pushes a very clear warning according to the debt mountain of 2.3 trillion euros, which Italy has now taken. The Italian government will "At the end, see that the interest you have to pay will be high".

To stretch the threats, Huther will be on that Italy is too rough for a salvation. He says a dangerous experiment before: "This is simply not possible from the size and insofar we will experience the test as it will if the capital markets enang." He then fabulates "Solidaritate bonds of the burger" and thus one "Financial repression" meantime.

The burgers who are now all believing that they are traveling with a good government partner, seeing that they must pay more in a relatively short time.

Michael Huther

Now you ask yourself to return to the statements from Weber, who actually brings the Eurozone in the risk here. This household of Italy is not suitable for this purpose. But a crash in Italy is very comfortable. The woman also the CSU politician who recognizes the domino effects in other countries, unlike Dijsselbloem, and does not absurd as the former chief of Eurogrupp absurd and only one "implosion" Want to see Italy.

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