The brand fubballer

Standards, criteria and values: for the drawing of the strongicker as a brand

Starfubballers have a high recognition value. Her names sound like brand names, their characteristic playing effects like products and their most common types of peculiarities (about inclined hatzahne) come like logos. Who is still surprised that we talk about Fubball Players as of the consumers they apply? How it works, the brand Fubballer, however, remains unclear.

The brand Fubballer

Michael Ballack Housewandgrob: Like a dictator in his private country. adidas advertising

One of the principles of the brand Fubballer is ImageTransfer: A Fubballer promotes a world-renowned product and will become a superstar as well as worldwide. Some examples: Cristinao Ronaldo (27) Rapels Oberkorperfrei in the green grass (jeans advertising); Michael Ballack (29) just a TV a red and a blue tennis ball in the air (technical advertising); Ronaldinho (47) radiates flashing teething flashes into the camera (toothpaste); Lukas Podolski (17) runs from the center of a wildlife group of teams at a high speed on the viewer (sporting goods advertising). The payment will continue to be quasi endless.

Fubballer dive into the curious brand scenarios. Not only sporting goods and fashion companies, but also toothpaste manufacturers, health insurance companies and insurance companies are as a leapboards to the global rigid – an image is washing the other. Of course that does not only work in one direction. The Fubballers also transfer their shine to the respective product. And so both are sometimes hard to separate from each other. Two extreme cases were: David Beckham (45), who has now launched his own fragrance note, and said Ronaldinho, which stood for "Play Station" film-making model; It is said that he himself belongs to the big users of this computer games. And to the best. The character, which he preferred for the virtual kick: Ronaldinho.

Business model strongicker

In these unavoidable times, the German company BBDO Consulting presents a study that does not promise less than to bring a quasi-scientific order into the brand sampling at the Fubball Horizon. Standards, criteria, values – all this should come from and it is called, a secure effort was driven to create a ranking of the top 20 of the international Fubballs. For determination, both behavioral scientific values such as brand awareness, brand image, brand sympathy and brand loyalty as well as financial data were used. This is a special approach in that the perspective of brand management with the financial economy for customary can not be reconciled.

But what exactly was considered when determining? The arrears were categorized in two areas: the income from player-carrying and the so-called promotional area, to which, for example, advertising and license shares for sporting goods, perfumes and fashion. On the basis of the typical sources of revenue, a personal "business model" was reproduced for every commercial ball player. It was thought that, unlike product and corporate brands, the brand name of a fubball player is only relatively short, due to the temporary career of the kicker – exceptions such as "Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer confirm this rule. Another evaluation factor was the future expected payment streams. Meanwhile, the behavioral scientific side of the brand evaluation model was fed from an empirical examination with Uber 400 international brand experts.

The result is a twenty-line table: 20 names and associated million-terms. The determined numbers, already noted behind the player names in parentheses, show Ronaldinho on the first rank and Podolski ranked 19, just before Andrej Schewchenko, which is rounded down 14 million, the last occupied. Ballack, the other German player who has made it into these charts, perched in place 10. In England, this order was perceived with coarse excitement. After all, David Beckham was giving a long time as the undisputed number one. Now he only occupies second place.

The end of an ARA? Will Ronaldinho be able to claim that long at the top position? Whoever has opportunities, in the flank gotten’s fibstaps (or, as it is, in the boulevard press stroke: "Forced neurotic")? The change at the top has drawn heated discussions and numerous speculation about the future. Little was argued about the methodology of ranking determination; Nobody dreamed the appropriateness of the methods.

Lack of complexity

Sure, the BBDO study has an example with the so-called BEVA method (Brand Equity Valuation for Accounting) for example because a complex approach. On the other hand, rank lists, as the young, published by the French magazine "France Football", in which the actors of the Fubball are sorted after their income – the most successful German is the Oliver Kahn. With their multidimensionalitat, the BBDO study is in mind that the Fubballer brand is not comparable to other brands. Nevertheless, your theory design has to be scared. Finally, the "business model Fubballer" can never only be as I-AG, but must always be understood as wir-ag. Fubball – This is known to be a team sport.

This means: The brand Fubballer is part of the brand team. And thus always to evaluate as part of a coarse whole. The latest Nike clip with the new number one of the top 20 is the best example. He shows the Brazilian national team in the dressing room, Virtuoso playing the ball. Free after the motto "Only when you play in the orchestra, there is a good sound". For a long time, sporting goods manufacturers with the team as a whole, occasionally put their own allstar teams together, short: Prague the team as a brand. Even if the individual is repeatedly jerking into the Spotlight ("+10") – the team as a module in the image transfer, or the team affinity of the kicker brand identity are penalized in the determination of the brand value of Fubballers.

In addition, the club remains that the club in Siamese connection to the brand Fubballer. He seeks the players long after criteria, such as their position in the branded charts,. And hopes quite justified to a synergy effect: The club gets new advertising margin, lures more fans into the stage etc. The best example is Real Madrid, where the purchasing policy at the beginning of the 21. For centuries, such criteria has even put on all others. In times, as club sports was through institutions such as the Champions League to the swivel and pivot of the world’s commercial ball, a Ronaldinho is primarily identical to FC Barcelona. Only then identical to his home country and with the products, for which he advertises (and last identical with themselves).

A method that evaluates the brand value of the Fubballers is in the service of corporations. It is called, they needed a better decision-making basis for their investments. However, such a method proves to provide the broad public a service that has understood that the Fubballer is a brand – only that it does not understand it to classify those. In this sense, a study, such as BBDO Consulting, helps not only corporations at shopping, but also the attention to sports interested in the understanding of the Star and Brand Machine Fubball. More: when understanding the Fubball itself. Because that this sport is no longer part of their commercialization, everyone was allowed to be clear. There is only standards, criteria and values that are complex enough to capture the Fubball system and the Fubballer brand.

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