“The boat” drive in mreginn terrain

The boat. Image: ZDF and Nik Konietzny

Nazi entanglement of Wall Street is unquestioned topic

The fact that German journalists often fish at submarine topics is rather the rule than the exception (German media front stops submarine under the water surface, ducks and submarines). But even with historic submarine themes, you are still eating the award-winning colleague Relotius. Currently, the noble springs embark on when commenting the remakes of "The boat". That’s how the "Experts |" About the figure of an American business man taken on board, which managed to do the war during the war.

"American capitalists as a war driver association – is still creative freedom or historical claw?", Makes the mirror. "What else could happen in the coming consequences so that the history of the series is not surprised by revisionist grubelies!", Cetent the time. At the jumping press you hold the "Alleged War and Rusting Finance of the Wehrmacht by American Magnates" for "pretty much the stupbest, which is broadcast in such an area, in the fictional time-history TV in recent years."

Hitler’s American business friends

In fact, the script is close to the historical truth than it will allow Guido Knopp and the Springer Press. Rockefellers Standard Oil and Texaco delivered fuels and additives even after the US war in Nazi Germany. German submarines were secretly refueled at sea in front of Spain with US fuel.

That Wall Street deserves excellently on the calling of the Third Reich, 2003 made the award-winning ARD documentation "Hitler’s American business friends" a broad public. As far as in the ZDF series, such a war winer dreams of the prasident office, this met for the US billionare Prescott Bush and Joseph Kennedy entertained with Nazi Germany.


The educational prints of the German journalists is already amazing because even the American popular cinema such prominent themed.

In "Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade" (1989) See a New York billion "Donovan", The Indy first dropped to hire him with the procurement of the Holy Grail, secretly pacted with Hitler. The name plays on William "Wild bill" Donovan, a former general and lawyer, who during the Second World War with a Clique Legal Conservative billars in the Rockefeller Center the US intelligence service "Office of Strategic Services (OSS)" reason. To the ideology of the OSS, in addition to the current enemy, especially the combat of communism as well as control over the factual colonies of the corporations mainly in sud and Central America. Donovan offered his support with his OSS people at the Nurberger processes, until Robert H. Jackson, United States, found that Donovan saboted in reality against Nazis.

Donovan’s friends had opened up to the attack on Pearl Harbor for Nazi Germany and tries to keep the US from the war. For example, Henry Ford, the anti-Semitic Hazards laid and grew with high awards of the driver. Or publisher Henry Luce, whose Time Magazine Hitler in 1938 "Man of the year" brook. And above all the Rockellers, who almost controlled the German oil enterprise. The billionare were from the Sullivan law firm Sullivan specialized abroad Cromwell coordinated, whose line the influential republican John Foster Dulles and all Dulles Oblag. After the First World War, the law firm had the reconstruction of Germany with US bonds ("Heidelberg bonds") Financed, and for a German-friendly mood lobbyed. They represented in the US u.a. The German Chemistry Kartell IG colors. To build a German-friendly mood, German composers and artists sat on the board.

William Joseph (‘Wild Bill’) Donovan, Head of the Oss. Image: Nara

Also in the movie "Rocketeer" (1991) The good Americans fight against a bad, the German-friendly movie star "Neville Sinclair". This figure is inspired by Errol Flynn, to which due to a friendship with a right east-rich prize dish to be said to Nazis. Open to Germany, however, Atlantikuberquer Charles Lindbergh, who is rounded by the Republican billionar-bears "America First Comitee (AFC)" occurred to prevent a military participation of the USA. 1941 Dear Lindbergh know the war drivers are "The British, the Jews and the Government Roosevelt". (At this point, a sentence was removed on the WesternStar John Wayne, the author checks the information. Anm. D. Red).

A Night at the Garden

However, a substantiated examination of American Nazi billars remained guilty the US popular cinema. Dafur addressed the 2019 nominated documentation for the Oscar "A Night at the Garden" A rough event of the Americade of the Americade in 1939, which in New York 20.000 US Nazis in the Reichsparteitagestil received and anti-Semitism served, which was also very salonary in the USA.

Screenshot from The Night at the Gardens

Less is known that the law firm Sullivan Cromwell on 26.06.In 1940, a gala in Waldorf-Astoria aligned to celebrate the victory of Nazi Germany via France and Poland with the values of the client. So the clique of Wall Street billionare was earning the production of tanks, trucks and aviation, which was manufactured in the opel-based Opel works in Russelsheim and Brandenburg and in the Kolner Ford works, also IBM and ITT deserved At the German war economy. IG colors and Rockefellers Standard Oil secretly agreed a continuation of cooperation even for the case of a war. Patents were transferred to Standard Oil so that they could continue in case of war.

If the mirror has swadroned, Hitler has not served bonds, this reveals naive ideas of the war business. In fact, approximately General Motors earned magnificently at German calling. Henry Ford also had no problem with forced laborers. The business manners offered investments in Germany even with loss of taxes interesting depreciation problems.

The war entry of the USA also proved good business for US Tycoons, because the law firm Sullivan Cromwell had also organized the US steel industry in addition to the OL industry. General Motors liked it also for the bombing of the Brandenburg Opel factory from US taxpayer with 32 million US dollars. Ford whose Kolner works were almost equipped, only half a million, already due to dubious calculation methods.

Under the water surface

In the ZDF series, it is about the son of a rusts entrepreneur who made from Zurich from secret rusts. In a second post, the time associates with this figure the twilight investment banker Prescott Sheldon Bush, apparently teaching by a reader comment. However, the sheet saves its readers the note that family Bush over their participation in the IG colors also at the forced labor in Auschwitz co-deserved. Bushs were even frozen at the time because of trade in the enemy. But not Bush was in Switzerland in secret mission, but its lawyer: Allen Dulles.

Prescott and Dorothy Bush 1952. Image: Nara

The ex-diplomat, who had participated in the Versailler Treaty and was well connected to German industrialists, maintained an employee of the new intelligence oss in the entrapped Switzerland only a restless contact point for business people and spies. While the legend says Dulles has spied in the interests of the US, it is an open secret that he continued to take care of the dirty business with Nazi Germany for his clients.

Behind the jerking of his prasident, Dulles secretly negotiated with Nazi Gross over a separate peace to march against Stalin with Germany. The coverage of his Swiss business company Dulles Father at the Nurbergern Process. Roosevelt’s plan, dulles to suit due to tread, died with the prassident. As a treasurer of the Republicans, Dulles financed the choice of Eisenhower in 1953 and controlled the dark secrets of Wall Street in his new function as a CIA director (the chess game of the devil) and Factural supervisor of the German intelligence agent.

The educational pricing of the top journalists were allowed to influence another war winer, namely John McCloy. The influential banker who had arrived in the Adenauer family shifted fliby US loans to the German and Italian industry and lived in 1936 the Olympics in the lodge of the driver. After the war, he helped as a high commissioner not only eager to cover up the embarrassing Germany, but also with its industrial pre-war friends, but also the German-American lobby club Atlantic-Brucke, the most important career springboard for politicians and journalists (blind spots in Transatlantic Lodge).

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