The argentinians are still true peronism

Speaked with the Argentine writer Osvaldo Bayer

Argentina has disappeared from the media in the last few days. But the economic crisis is still unused and the protests coarse parts of the population continue. Peter Nowak talked to the well-known Argentine writer and publicist Osvaldo Bayer over the Argentine support. Osvaldo Bayer was born in 1927 in Santa Fe and lived between 1976 and 1983 in the German Exile.

Argentina is not the only country with a serious economic crisis. Why are many inhabitants of this country react with mass protests? Osvaldo Bayer: To understand the reactions of the population, you have to go far into the history of Argentina’s back. The country never wanted to belong to Latin America. You always fell as a Europe and looked compassionally on the poor brother and sisters of neighboring countries. The crisis has brought the country to the bottom of the realitate to the ground of realitate. For many residents, the crisis is a national demolition. You have never experienced such crisis in your country and you can not imagine. In addition, the economic crisis means a platform for many people. Finally, there is no state unemployment. Many people do not know how they can survive. Who were the protagonists of the strain protests of the last weeks? Osvaldo Bayer: In Argentina one speaks of the federal government between Casserolleros and Piqueteros. The Casserolleros come from the middle class, which was brought by the crisis for their savings. Her name comes from the empty cooktops, with whom you hit the street. They are desperately desperate. The piquetals are a self-organization of the unemployed. They are very militant and have much sympathy in the poor population. Your motto is work and justice. They are calling on anarchist roots that were very strong in the workers’ movement before the first world war. Their rough weakness is their lack of unity and lack of nationwide structures. : What role Left parties play in the protests? Osvaldo Bayer: The left parties in Argentina were beaten twice. First of all of Peronism and then from the military dictatorship. The peronists have succumbed to the slogans of the workers movement, but in practice but capitalist politics made. It should be different without having to do something. The special support was that in the 1970s a whole generation of idealistic adolescents under the flag of Linksperonism struggled. These were the Monteneros. Like all other left and union groups, they were destroyed during military rule. Nothing over heroic pictures remained abysed by this enthusiastic generation. Since then, a coarse part of the Argentine population is a fear of the left. In the capital Buenos Aires, a covenant from the left avalanche of the radical party and the socialists could come to optimistic estimates to 10% of the votes. But in the provinces people can only be the caudillos of the two coarse parties: the radical burgerunion and the peronists. Will the opposite Prasident Duhalde be claimed? Osvaldo Bayer:: Forecasts on the development of Argentine domestic politics are not possible. Duhalde has now acquired the support of the US government through an opportunistic policy. If he had declared shortly after his admission that the demand of the national industry has priority and even a suspension of the debt payment was brought into effect, he made a typical peronistic turnaround and explained in a letter to Bush his full support of American politics. This policy is not undisputed in the Peronist party. Thus, Duald’s fate as a head of government is mainly dependent on whether he can prevail in domestic power struggle. Grow in this situation is not the risk of a new militar-slip? Osvaldo Bayer:: The militar has been so discredited by their bloody rule and defeat in the Malvine war in the Argentine population so that a renewed coup in Argentina is currently completely unthinkable. However, a danger is retired militars founded after their departure legal populist parties. In this way, some breeding human rights persons have become elections to provincial provincial nations and continue their old politics. Thus, the governor of the province of Tucaman beggar and striving handler has been discovered in an uninhabited area. But with his electors he is very popular because he advocates for clean city and law and order. Many globalization critics see the International Territory Fund (IMF) as the main manager for the economic and debt crises. The role of the IMF plays at the current economic crisis in Argentina? Osvaldo Bayer: The economic crisis has both internal and exercise causes. The Argentine elites are often responsible for the IMF for the crisis. But that’s too easy. The IMF needs politicians in all countries that implement this policy. (Peter NowakTo)

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