“That’s part of our culture”

Scientists demand an end to cruel declare of tens of thousands of dolphins and small whales in Japan

In November, in some places of Japan, an excrusely appreciated by the government’s excellent hunting for dolphins and small whales, including also protected species begins in November. To thousands, they are driven by allegedly old custom in bays and slaughtered there in a cruel and bloody spectacle with knives. In addition to dolphins, it meets pilot whales or little heavy whale. Takumi Fukuda from the Japanese Embassy in Washington, defended the battleship as a "part of our culture" and explained a total of 21 this year.000 dolphins were killed to the 15.000 Be it already.

Photo: The Ocean Project

With custom has only insofar as the dolphins, they have once been driven to dozens and hundreds by larm and networks with boats on the shore, with knives to be edited, so they bleed slowly and tally and drained the water red. Sometimes they are pulled up with knitting, so their vortices breaking due to their weight when they come out of the water. That’s so Paul Boyle, a Fruher director of the New York Aquarium and head of the Ocean Project, "indescribably painful".

Some animals are trapped and sold to aquariums to finance the hunt. The meat of the animals was consumed as a delicacy from the Japanese. But now most Japanese do not take the meat anymore, so the slaughtered animals end as animal feed or dunner, so the hunt is not only cruel, but actually has no purpose. That even in Japan’s catching whales – just a fleet into the Antarctic extended, by 1000 whales to the dead – and the leaks of the dolphins and small whales is no longer seen commonly seen as a preserved tradition, was allowed to show that the Schlachter’s Hunting behind platforms with sailing plane to be seen.

For Fukuda, this is normal, nobody was "show a toss scene of the openity". The dead of all animals contained a "certain cruelty". But you have taken care of that time until the whales die is tangled. However, in Japan you ame that "the resources of the seas should be needed in a continuing way".

Photo: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

For a long time, the cruel practice is criticized not only by animal weaners, but also by scientists and a ban demanded. I was trying to inform government members through scientific results on the dolphins, especially about their coarse brains, their intelligence to inform their social behavior. Because all this did not have called for a worldwide protest and launched a petition end dolphin slaughter in Japan to use many signatures and wider attention to the Japanese government. 58.000 signatures have already been collected, target are 100.000, which was not difficult to achieve.

Main arguments of the scientists as well as the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium (WAZA) are that hikejags "in highly intelligent, confident and socially complex living animals cause incredible jokes and suffering". In an explanation, the "inhuman treatment and totung" of the animals is complained and also condemned that animals continue to be sold to aquariums and visual purposes.

About this is pointed out that the dolphins have the coarse brains relative to their bodygroobe and are second here after the modern person. The brains are even strongly folded than human brains. The rough of the surface is associated with the complexity of cognitive skills. Rough dummers should, as studies have shown, also recognize their reflection, which is considered a sign of self-confidence. And dolphins can understand abstract concepts as well as thousands of "satzen" from gestures, they can remember past events like humans and humans and have social traditions and cultures as well as strong family relationships.

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