That’s insane!

Picture makes us all to the pope

There are surprises, the beaten one. Only yesterday I have no reasoning to watch the last Pope Event on TV for the time being. The staging was fine again. At some point then also appeared on the balcony of the Ratz, as we would always like to have called incredibly the cardinal. And the Ratz actually looked how children imagine a dear grandpa. Everything was in the best Catholic order – until I’m in picture this morning.Looked past and did not want to trust my eyes: "We are pope!", is there.

That's insane!

Title of

So if we have all the overnight pope, then I’m logically synonymous. Although I have the wrong party book to govern Christianity from Rome. My turkish host, which is also Pope, without it probably to know. And my wife is now allowed to call Pope, just like my daughter. Why my innkeeper, my wife, my daughter and I are now Pope, even this is natural with More specifically in the column of the "image"-Poeten f.J. Wagner: "I think that God has given us to this pope because we have tattowings on the butt and believe that the Gluck is an enlarged breast or a sprayed lip. (…) A strict pope is here. Maybe this pope is suitable to drive out our Hallodri life."

That Wagner is a Hallodri, I take it immediately, but that he has tatters on the butt, that I just do not believe – either as new from picture.DE A named pope. And incur the F.J. Wagner is now also Pope, although he is a Hallodri, allegedly tattered on the butt and always writes so funny things in picture.

Elsewhere, the headlines are less euphoric

But slowly, I lose the overview of so much pacts that a Pope needs to be natural. And first questions immerse: is my old VW now overnight a Papamobil? Or I get extra one of the Vatican, the city of Hannover has certainly no money. How should and may I call myself now: Ernst I. Sounds somehow Blod. And the proposal of mirror.DE: George Ringo I., While he has something, but that only the few are doing. Do I have to continue to pay taxes as Pope now? And if not, then this does not have to be any more in Germany, because all pope are. Even the museelans.

But now I have a rough advantage now as a Pope: the people who criticize me, they can do it immediately with the Inquisition. A pope, you do not criticize that. Amen.

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