That from the electronic charges: (k) a reason to joy

The federal ministries for business and work have agreed on it, the project "Electronic pay certificate" To stop – the reason to let the champagne corks pop up, but there are only a few

Backlaw: Peter Hartz and his job card

Many are already (also because of a renaming of the project) no longer remembered that the "electronic pay certificate" (short elena) is based on an idea of the Hartz Commission and then still under the name "JobCard" acted. Work certificates, it recommended the Commission, should only be processed in the future by electronic means. This idea from 2002 followed model projects in 2003 and 2004 and finally entered into force in Marz 2009 the "Elena Procedure Act".

Millions should be saved when Elena continued to be extended to other social security certificates, striking it enthusiastically. The Entburichratization, which also served in the unemployment benefit II for the unemployment benefit II, as official (with), was again the cherry on the data collection cake, which should be made tasty on the data collection cake, which should also make this idea appear tasty on the data collection cake.

2010 – Data saving? Oh, there was something …

2010 Then Elena went to the start and proved to be a privacy of privacy from the beginning, as a female fast-all database, which in addition to the data necessary for the application for social benefits1 also the worker with regard to (unauthorized ) Strike, sick days, along and warning glasses will love.

Of course, it beats it rearingly, these data are only provided qualified jobs – but the question remained why they are levied at all. What was pronounced as an Enburkratization, it had simply resulted in the consequence that the data determination should now play the role, which was previously distributed on a variety of certificates. After all, the data catalog included 57 pages.

Similar to ALG II, at the expense of privacy and privacy, it was attempted to make a lot of lump sums, which does not love loving. Because why should the rationality, which were important in applying for ALG II, should be transferred even if the workers concerned did not even have a right to this performance; Why should you be transferred, even if the person concerned ultimately only a reimbursement for the Childhood Tailing Court? Elena followed the principle of stock data retention – as a precaution, because "Everything can sometime be important at some point" (as it is extraciousit in the song police officers described).

Ursula von der Leyen, from the Family Ministry fresh to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, changed after massive criticism of data protectioners to keep the catalog working. The data, the Ministry of Labor shared appeasantly, have now been reviewed on their need. Ultimately, this "offer for repair" was a consideration that the data saving had so far only a subordinate to no role in Elena.

Cost Laws and Money Supply

In July 2010, the former Federal Minister of Economics already spoke of Elena, if necessary,. This attitude was allowed (even if it was sold by the FDP General Secretar Linder with the words, data saving the bid of the hour, have been sold) in the end of a financial reason. The middle class, which is also happy to be from the FDP as the The profiteer of new regulations was presented, had already found that the promised relief and the promised Entburichatization had proven to be fiction. And also the cost of the digital signature, integral part of the Elena project, threatened completely out of the rudder to run. The final stop was already foreseeable in 2010 and was now called a year later, in July 2011, also.

For the overall concept, however, this does not end, because already it is already being explored that the Federal Ministry of Labor is dealt with it, "How the already existing infrastructure of the Elena procedure and the acquired know-how for a simpler and unbalanced reporting procedure can be used in social security". This task was that Elena had initially had to be fulfilled – now another IT million grave remains, which is ended after a few years, without the critics (Z.B. In catchy complaints) mentioned problematic ideas from the Kopf of politicians have disappeared. If you think about the ministerial rochet, which has been taking place for some time, so it seems well that the critics seem to be stobbing in some time again on a similar project and starting from the beginning with their argument because the responsible persons in acquaintances "Me-Weub-of- Nothing will be unsuspecting.

The digital signature

The official fundamentation offered by the ministries for the stop of Elena is hardly available to absurditat. The digital signature, so it is called in the common press release of the two ministries, was not enough distributed.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs have understood itself after in-depth checking of the Elena procedure to set the procedure as soon as possible. The reason is the lack of distribution of the qualified electronic signature. Comprehensive investigations have now shown that this safety standard, which is required for the Elena procedure, is not compulsory, despite all efforts in the foreseeable future, will not spread flat-end. However, the success of the Elena procedure depends on this.

Just the spread of this digital signature was required had been a task of an IT coarse project of the government. The name of this project: Elena.

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