Texted waiting for trumps syria policy

Texted waiting for Trumps Syria policy

Image: Jaish Al-Ezz

In the complicated braid of bonded and bustling states and proxy militias, excited unrest prevails after Trump announced the establishment of security zones in Yemen and Syria

The ceasefire negotiated between the Syrian government and some opposition groups by means of or prere of Turkey, Russia and Iran is getting worse. The group Jaish Al-Ezza Fucking Under the Flag of the Free Syrian Army was supplied by the USA with weapons, even tow-tank missiles. She relyed the ceasefire for allegedly continued Russian bombing in Hama. A role also played the intake of Wadi Barada at Damascus, which the group as a ceasefire infringement fire market. Opposition groups could block the drinking water supply of a coarse part of Damascus over a long time.

Whether in this jerking the new US government also had their fingers in the game, let’s say hard. The weapon crystal of the three states, which also pursue very different, barely payable interests, was allowed to break all that was sometimes, which was sometimes weakened, which was weakened the position of the three countries in Syria. The talks in Astana should still be on the 8th. February continued, but the Kazakh Auxeister Kaairat was explained by ABdrakhmanov, he has no knowledge of it.

Security zones and agreements with Saudi Arabia

That the new US government, who, who wants to void the Islamic state to the Islamic state with new Allies, could become more active in the region, it also considers that Donald Trump on Sunday with the Saudi Konig Salman Ibn ABD Al-Aziz Al Saud as well as the Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan has spoken of Abu Dhabi. On Monday, VicePrasident Mike Pence met with Konig Abdullah of Jordan. Recognized was with Trump’s decree on the entry ban of people from seven Muslim countries that Saudi Arabia was excluded, although Islamist terrorism was sustainably ideologically and financially supported from the monarchy and becomes how to see again in Syria, and many The 9/11 terrorist as well as Osama Bin Laden came from the country.

With Konig Salman TRUMM made the formation of "Security zones" Not only in Syria, what the Turkey has fallen, but not Russia, but also in Yemen (Lawrow: Establishment of secure zones in Syria possible). Apparently, it was also talked about a common approach to Iran, allegedly destabilized the region. The crown prince agreed to set up "Security zones" in both countries and also the fight against the "Radical Islamist terrorism", Of course, the Gulf States also by supporting armed groups like Ahrar Al-Sham. Whether it was spoken with the Jordanian couple or. Whether this the "Security zones" rejected, from the speech collision of the woman’s house is not out.

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