Swiss coordination via broadcasting

Referendum probably on 14. June 2015

The Swiss Commercial Association (SGV) has this week 91.308 signatures collected by him and officially certified for a referendum on the revised radio and television law (RTVG). This determines that the Swiss can vote whether the law adopted by the National Council and registered in September by Standerat law as planned to 1. January 2016 comes into force or if it remains the old system. Two other folk initiatives, which occur for a complete abolition of broadcasts, do not have the necessary signatures.

In addition, in the SGV initiative, almost twice as many voters for a referendum were signed, when it had been necessary, reports were also allowed to have contributed to reports of the model in his country of origin. The Easter-Rich StandardMinte in this context, the German regulations had "in practice as a little horror" proven.

Of the coarse federal parties, only the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is closed against the new model. The commutations from the ranks of the Catholic CVP, the liberal FDP, the Social Democratic SP, the SVP cleavage BDP and the grunes are unearth the committee "Yes to the RTVG" Grounded, which the Swiss should bring to reject the SGV initiative. There it is called, the broadcasting contribution according to the German model is one "Necessary prere on the change of technology and media use", Because you can receive the SRG programs today with the mobile phone or on the computer.

Due to the fact that non-user and other segregation will be asked to pay for the new system, the annual tax is intended to decline the committee for those who use the public service broadcasting and current numbers, from 462 to the beginning of 400 francs. In addition, 75 percent of companies were no longer payable, but less than today.

Swiss coordination via broadcasting

After all, Magnum: yesterday’s afternoon offer of German-speaking Swiss television. Screenshot: Telepolis.

However, the Swiss Commercial Association warns that this is one "Buebetrickli" be and the Federal Council could significantly increase the delivery again. He dates that with the "Billag medium" 75 percent of the companies are relieved, simultaneously involving more revenue in the amount of 160 million francs for the promised reduction of 400 francs.

In Germany, an online petition against EC 2009 was not allowed, allegedly the cultural sovereignty of the Federal Stander. However, this decision was fragwurrounded insofar as the petitions aimed at points that were also regulated in the past on federal or European level. Nuclear the demand was a technical standard, according to which the public broadcasters should make their content on the Internet only for registered payers, which could eliminate lump sums. The initiator of the petition therefore showed opposite Telepolis the segregation that an unpleasant responsibility has been refurbished here.

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