Survey: alignment visit costs burger on average two and a half hours

Survey: Alignment visit costs Burger on average two and a half hours

According to a recent survey of the Digital Association Bitkom, a rough majority of people in Germany is more mergeable. Good four of Funf respondents want to do tasks such as residence reclasses online. Nine of ten think that documents like the identity card should be simply automatically requested and sent.

One reason was allowed to be the high time for hordy visits. According to the survey, the corridor to office in Germany costs an average of 148 minutes, of which 59 minutes fall on arrival and departure, 64 minutes on the wait and 25 minutes on the processing of the respective request. Not queried how long people have to wait for an appointment. In some coarse dates you have to register at the moment in advance online.

Bitkom laments anachronistic

"It can not be that people have to take a vacation just to stop a simple administrative process", said Bitkom-General fuhrer Bernhard Rohleder Easy of the presentation of the survey on Thursday. Not only during the Corona crisis are such "completely anachronistic".

Survey: Alignment visit costs Burger on average two and a half hours

Without exception all administrative services of the federal government, countries and municipalities had to be offered digitally, demands BITKOM main supplies Bernhard Rohlededer.

Rohleder, however, praised the efforts of administration to offer additional services online due to the Corona crisis. Many bads had deleted written form requirements in the record pace and the burgers released from the duty to appear on site. "That’s good in the population." Now the digitization must be owed.

According to the survey, many people like the Internet also liked the local politics stronger. Around three quarters wish you a "Default detector for problems in public space". 45 percent were happy to participate in planning and decision-making processes online, 39 percent were happy online elections.

Trackable digital key

However, the results also show skepticism towards digitization. So 26 percent of respondents explicitly said they did not want to live in a city or community with many digital offers. Of these, 81 percent said they were awesome to become a glass burger. 66 percent worry that digital offers decrease interpersonal contacts. In total, Bitkom Research for the survey has interviewed 1004 people by phone.

The online access law (OZG), which came into force in 2017, obliges Bund and Landers to offer nearly 600 administrative services online until the end of 2022. However, the implementation does excessively bumpy.

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