Surprise moments in the empire of fear

Always autocratic play safety powers and militars with the publicity

After the success of America’s Army, the continuation was launched. The US militar does not just praise new dimensions of the gambling industry, but also sets new standards in terms of marketing. However, contours also wins a young trend: Always often play safeguards and militars with the expiry of the public.

Surprise moments in the Empire of fear

The army presents itself at the this year Electronic Entertainment exposure

Splitting were helicopters at the sky of Tokyo. They caused a ears-requiring larm and made with their spectacular formations for a view. Schaufluge did not stood here on the program, which soon became clear, but the simulation of special use. Also a 1.000 Man strong troupe of the standby police, over their head the helicopters flow back and forth, tried the state of emergency. In fine-tuned drills, in Yokohama International Stadium, they introduced their mails to the lack of business in which scenarios were as different as bomb threats and crowds. In the first place, however, they focused one in comparison with Banal Danger: Hooligans, which apply in Japan as a new, difficult risk factor.

The exercise of the Japanese standby police should convey a feeling of safety in the run-up to the Fubball World Cup 2002. A message that braved the next day in Japan in the mass media. If you dare the reports, passers-by were more than impressed. In faith, here an acute state of emergency is botched, they escaped into their homes in front of their pudding: had added the AUM sect again and refilled a poison gas attack on the Yokohama International Stadium? No wonder that there were such reactions: The previously robbered exercise of the standby police in front of the World Cup took place without any warning in the day in the openness.

Surprise moments in the Empire of fear

Comparable was carried out in the context of the "Electronic Entertainment Exposure 2002" to. US troops ran on the fairground in Los Angeles to the computer game "America’s Army" to apply, which should be brought by the US Army as a recruiting tool under the adolescents. The militars were equipped to the toothe with the most modern high-tech gear and also held at night before the entrance guard, where a tank had been put into position. As if you did not want to get the breeding out of your own ranks for a moment, for example, so that you did not get in wrong Hande, your Prasenz communicated not least: the "Electronic Entertainment Exposure 2002" Shelter of their symbolic control.

Surprise moments in the Empire of fear

Two years later, the spectacle repeats. With "America’s Army: Overmatch" If a continuation of the success game has been developed – of course, it should be presented. Again, the US Army at the Electronic Entertainment Exposure. Again she has come up with a spectacle to communicate with her brand: a good 45 minutes was a strain in Downtown L. A. the scene of a spectacle, whose dramaturgy is a ego shooter. Real helicopters, machine guns and soldiers with war painting have been used this time. They hint along facades of Hochhausern along and went into roofing.

Surprise moments in the Empire of fear

The storyboard was simulated with these means "Overmatch", A military expression used to rewrite fight scenarios in which technology, "Intelligence" as well as other futuristic gimmicks be introduced so that a smaller team succeeds successfully against a coarse opponent. A scenario that reminds of US miltars in urban terrain. Probably not randomly Wired News described the spectacle with a comparison to Somalia use:

In Hollywood Terms, The Effect What Black Hawk Down, Directed by Fellini.

But what floats in the idea and flickers again and again on screens, does not prepare for an encounter in reality. Passers-by, who crossed this strain, responded anyway to anything else. Eyewater reports speak of shock moments, open mouth and catchless faces. Only an Arabic passenger cited in the media seemed to have found a distanced perspective. His dry comment: "It’s all brainwashing."

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