Steinmeier becomes federal president

Steinmeier becomes Federal President

Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Photographer: Armin Kubelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

Satisfaction in the SPD – dissatisfaction in social media

Yesterday, the Governments CDU, CSU and SPD wanted to agree on a common candidate to elect the Federal President, who is then chosen by the ability of these parties in the Federal Assembly. Although it did not work completely – but this morning it became known that Federal Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be the common candidate of these three parties.

A role could have played that Steinmeier is only partly suitable as a women’s minister, after he seemed to the wrong horse before the US prasident election and the later winner Donald Trump publicly one "Hasprediger" named. The alleged ulterior idea of finding the Office of the Federal President as a government outpost for a government politician who made himself impossible in his previous office, not everywhere in social media.

The lawiner Barbara Brandner asked, for example, whether one "Violation of diplomatic practices to the Highest State Office qualified" and closed this rhetorical question with the hashtag "#Notmypresident". Anhnery view was Johann Georg Meindl, who tweetes for the Bayern party and shortened that the CSU now "supported a failed SPD Stock Minister, who has isolated Germany internationally".

"Mr. Hartz 4"

Other users remind of what role Steinmeier as "Gray eminence" in Cabinet Gerhard Schroder played at the Kosovo War and at the 2010 Agenda. The former pirate party politician Ali Utlu therefore calls Steinmeier "Mr. Hartz 4" and asks: "When may the Burger finally allowed his federal presidential elections?" On the fact that Steinmeier was not necessarily winning such a burger election, his Chancellor’s candidacy in 2009 indicates as the SPD with 23 percent of her so far of the worst result import.

In addition, it is well possible that Wahler prefer a burger election of the Federal President Candidate, which come outside the parties. On Twitter, for example, the hashtags #broderforpresident and Broder4President economy – especially since Henryk M. Brodert has noticed not to pay his broadcasting contribution.

Seehofer: "unity" important

However, the CSU Chairman Horst Seehofer did not justify the decision for Steinmeier today that after the election Trumps one needs a debt bus for the Foreign Minister, but that that "unity" be important. This indicates a different reason from which the Union Parties Steinmeier were allowed to agree. Had they insisted on their own candidate, then Steinmeier as SPD applicants were worn by the green and the Left Party with worn and chubby.

Corresponding hints had already made the Left Party Politician Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch in the last weeks. Bartsch meant in this context, at the Agenda 2010 was not all bad. But party feet Katja Kipping did not agree with it and insisted on its own candidate.

No signal for red-red-grun

The election by the representatives of Social Democrats, Grunen and Left in the Federal Assembly would probably have been understood as a signal for a red-red-green coalition after the 2007 general election. Or even as a signal for a constructive mistrust and the immediate formation of a red-red-green Federal Government who had in view. In the Union, it could probably be delivered that such an option of the SPD Wahler could drive, even though it will eventually come back to a coarse coalition, which only bears its name from historical grounds.

So far, the worst that Angela Merkel Winfried Kretschmann, the Grunen Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg (who supported them as Chancellor’s candidate) remains as a federal president, but thus to Seehofer failed. For the FDP Chairman Christian Lindner, Merkel’s policy is also without Kretschmann as candidates "completely through".

Representatives of the SPD responded as expected of the Panegyrisch to the Announcement Steinmeians as government candidates for the Federal President Choice: The Social Democratic Bundestag Faction Chairman Thomas Oppermann praised him "outstanding" Choice, the for "Responsibility, reliability and cohesion" Standing and the controversial member of parlia Johannes Kahrs used a term as a Degeto script to print out his satisfaction: "Sweet Dreams".

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