Spanish knail law already gives

Spanish Knail law already gives

Display against La Franja del Guaza.

Penalties for the new offenses are deterred by authorities quickly, also critical Internet comments and satire come under the raders

In Spain, the so-called one stepped in July "Law to protect the burger" In force, from the entire opposition as "Ley Mordaza" (Knail law) is called. Because burgers are not wrapped, but as expected for it, if they know a critical opinion. The previous application shows that it is even more restrictive than it has been escalated anyway, since Satire is also punished in it. As collateral damage, which does not expect the creators of the right People’s Party (PP), even one of her governed community is threatened for a fine of up to 30.000 EURO.

Spanish Knail law already gives

Image from the Facebook page of "La Franja del Guaza", The group is concerned about state resistances due to lack of respect.

There was never a doubt that the name of the law as "Neusprech" must be classified in the sense of George Orwell. Because the protection of the burger is not the goal. It is the punishment of those in the foreground, which rebuilt or a critical opinion. Thus, experts had always warned that the law is directed against the movements, which have emerged numerous against the deep cuts in the social system in recent years ("Actually, the UN had to send blue helmet troops to Spain"To) .

Now the law is about six weeks in power and various examples show how the resistant, without judicial control, use this new weapon. And they also show that the name Knail law describes the realitat much better. For example, a case in Petrer is just the boiler in the country, which became known by the small town in the Sudspanic Valencia nationwide. There had been last week, like the local newspaper "Petreraldia" reported a woman documented by photo, as plot policemen of the small town on a disabled parking lot. She published the picture by Facebook with the note: "You park where it just fits and get no punishment."

For this she was viewed by the affected policemen. The behavarians hurried in just 48 hours a fine "of more than 800 euros". The accused should one "severe violation" against the "Law to protect the burger" have committed. With this process, it becomes clear that the toggle should be used even much more drastic when opponents had once painted in nightmare. For the approach against the attentive burger, a paragraph is used, which was actually tailored. Thus, especially demonstrators should be held to document some severe surprises of the safety force and other advances.

Because with these pictures or video recordings in criminal proceedings, the commitments were relieved again and again or accused. Now threaten to Article 36.23 of the law fines between 600 and 30.000 Euro, if "Pictures or data" from "Members of the safety" to be used, "the security or your family dangerous". What the danger should exist for the officials or their family in the case of Petrer is completely unclear. Minister Minister Jorge Fernandez had even summoned that no one is punished for it because he films the police, although the law text makes it clear that this should be prevented.

Apparently, the ban should now even be valid for the service vehicles of the police, because by shots as in Petrer police could in their "honor" hurt. In any case, the city council of Fernando Portillo stated in the city for the local police declared, was the burial of police officers for their ad. Finally they had to park their office, where it was just possible. They had done in an adjoining park against vandalism and acting quickly to the tatters "on fresh" to stab. Why "heavy violated" Against the toggle law and even an alleged risk for the safety of the officials or their families is constructed, a council remains.

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