Spanish judiciary stems again catalan government

Spanish judiciary stems again Catalan government

The transparent for freedom of expression continues on the official residence of the Catalan government. Photo: Ralf stretch

The Supreme Court confirms the official ban for Prasident Quim Torra and strengthens new elections

The sparrows have on the Fruhen Monday from the roofs of Madrid, that the Supreme Court of Spain is the 18-month official ban for the Catalan Prime Minister Quim Torra "Disobedience" confirmed in the revision process. Also the fine of 30.000 Euro was confirmed. The official ban is presented to Catalonia, a good two years after the last elections, at the end of January or early February 2021 early new elections.

As in such cases, not unaffected, the verdict was pierced to the press. Media already reported the verdict before Torra or his defense had been officially delivered.

The former Basque Minister of Justice Joseba Azkarraga tweeted that the verdict had been stood through anyway: "It is a shame for the Spanish justice that we all knew that Prasident Torra Dafur was sentenced that he has made use of freedom of expression before his right to freedom of expression." He accuses the judges of the "Abuse".

In fact, the judgment was not difficult to predict, as already happened at this point, look at the judgments of the politicized Court against Catalans, which were even convicted for the peaceful transaction of a referendum of imprisonment of up to 13 years, because the Spanish Justice a violent "revolt" invented. However, it can not be a court in Europe, which is why the judiciary in all European countries refuses to implement the Spanish deliveries.

When the most diverse media today from 13 clock held the printed verdict to Torra’s office entertainment in the cameras, his lawyer Gonzalo Boye announced by Twitter that you have not received a judgment yet. "We look forward to it when we have been delivered and we have read it", he explained. So far, until the text was sent to the Telepolis editors, nothing is changed and that points to serious anomalies.

The Court greeted his judgment with the "Stens and repeats disobedient" Behavior of Torra. He has in the election process to the Spanish parliamentary elections in April 2019 against the orders of the election commission" (Jec) violate because he does not stop a transparent immediately from the government seat. On the transparent was the "Freedom for the political prisoners" required.

One day after the expiration of the JEC ultimatum it was replaced by another transparent, on the "freedom of speech" to read and on "Paragraph 19 of the general explanation of human rights" beware. That’s why Quim Torra has against the "Required neutrative of institutions" In election processes violated. That’s exactly what the UN Working Group for Will Curious Inventions and has just raised Spain that its demand for freil detainable Catalan politicians and activists has not been fulfilled for 1.5 years.

Torra’s lawyer had argued in the process that election commission "Jec No competent authority" be the prassident "is superimposed". He also supported himself on the prestigious sanctuary Javier Perez Royo. The Andalusian Professor has always explained that JEC is not a legal body and therefore have no skills about selected representatives. Royo went so far, from one "Legal war" to speak, the JEC moved to Catalans.

Boye had noted in the procedure, with Andres Betancor a JEC member "In the morning for the JEC works and in the afternoon for one of the plaintiff parties". The fact that the election campaign also started a week after the passes, the Court did not distribute his judgment.

Reactions of the Catalan independence parties

The rotting Catalan independence parties had also expected the verdict, which is also the Catalan offshoot of the Linkskoalition Unidas Podemos as "overdrawn" is classified as the faction leader in the Catalan Parliament, Jessica Albiach, and the burgermeister of Barcelona, Ada Colau, explained. The spokeswoman of the Republican left (ERC) called Spain one "Democracy Low Cost", in which a head of government is tipped from the office because of a transparent. Marta Vilalta spoke of one "Attack for democracy".

The exileprasident Carles Puigdemont, which is located in Belgian exile and his injunction had prevented the Spanish judiciary, explained, again "from the judiciary to the crown corrupt state" "In our democratic institutions" intervened. Exercise "from official entertainment to official entertainment to the Republic", he turned to the side of Torras. This is still a prasident until his official entertainment is published in the Lawsblatt. Puigdemont has converted his list together for Catalonia (JXCAT) meanwhile converted into a party for upcoming new elections.

ERC and JXCAT have agreed to a joint approach before the officer, the last trifles will still advise before the agreement is published. This provides that from both parties no candidate is proposed for an investment. Thus, parliamentary sprayer Roger Torrent does not find a candidate that has a prospect of an investment.

It starts to run various deadlines, which inevitably drove to new elections at the end of January or early February. Meanwhile, Catalonia are coming back to moving times, because the civil society organizations and the committees for defense of the Republic (CDR) have already called for demonstrations throughout the country for the afternoon.

That it comes to such huge demonstrations, general strike and marches on Barcelona and also to riots as in the past year after the conviction of the Catalan politicians and activists to long prison sentences is not to be expected because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The verdict against Torrid, however, comes to a good hour for the politicians in Madrid, as they are under control for their influence, the situation in the Hotspot Madrid, which are also internationally massive in criticism. Instead of a clear approach given one "serious health care stand" If one argues, while the numbers of infections and deaths go into the high and the intensive care units are already uploaded again.

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