Spain in the reform crisis

The problems with the labor market and social systems are not tent by government

The Spanish socialists succeeds no reform of the labor market, which should be completed. Because of the overall aging of the company, a controversial pension reform is also. The crisis in health care could only be postponed because it has increased the taxes for alcohol and tobacco. But the money is not enough, which is why the government also wants to raise "healthcents" on the fuel prices. Pricerhohnungs are also in the house in the house because the government wants to import energy. Because of the increase in energy prices, there were already the first blockages of peasant organizations that threaten with an expansion of protests.

It is significant for the problems of the Socialist Government in Spain, if it is attacked by the union, which should actually transform their politics into the workforce. But the workers’ union (UGT) is toppled on the course of socialists, especially when it comes to the reform of the labor market. The UGT has asked the government and entrepreneurs in a letter on Friday to finally put their ideas about the reform on the table. Various speech of the social share are in September without accepting. They were again postponed and should be continued until mid-October. But for that it is necessary for the "government concretized their proposals". So the Spanish head of government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is forced to recognize the "obvious conflict". But the talks are not an "dead point" arrived. In "a few weeks" the problems were released, justified in 1997 for more than a year for a reform.

Strong increase at temporally committed

The unions have been mad at the government since the spring year. Since the Ugt and the coarse workers’ commissions (CCOO) had burst the social pact language. Zapatero probably forgets that his reform should be adopted before the summer break, which he wanted to harvest the chamfer of the new "policy style". "Dialogue" broke his magic word after the conservative process had to return their reform after a general strike in 2002. Since the effort in Marz 2004, the collective bargaining parties with the government are intended to understand in negotiations on concrete measures. But that failed in Marz that the government made the projects of entrepreneurs almost completely.

Instead of limiting misuse of time and chain suppliers, the government set a discount and simplification of rates. The socialist even hovered a reduction in the entrepreneurship in social security. Allegedly, so more work should be created in the country that even in the extended Europe is still at the top of the unemployment statistics ranked. Among the old 15 members, the country continues to take the top position. The probationary period in which the employees can be terminated without reasonsion and securities should be extended. Against such requests, the French also massively strike this week, only the maws are pushed there from the conservatives (tax reform in France).

The evaporation of the excessive temporary work even warns of the IMF, which is not exactly a proponent of workers’ rights. But with the proposal of the government had little to do which the unions called "nonsensical" and "unbalanced". Temporary work is always celebrating more violent justice, as the UGT in a study showed: 33.3 percent of all existing contracts are now limited, sometimes even only for hours.

In July, only seven percent of all deliveries were permanently closed. The half of them were previously fixed-term contracts that have been converted. Last year alone, temporary work had added 2.5 percent. Since 2003, the UGT sets an increase of a total of 20 percent. "In our country there are more temporary workers than in Italy, Great Britain, Belgium and Sweden," writes the Ugt. There are far above five million.

Problems with the pension and the health system

But even in the pension question is no agreement with the unions in sight. In addition to the restriction of temporary work, the EU calls for a reform of the pension system. Spain has a "gross problem" because of the superiority of the company and do not use the EU criteria. That the pension funds are currently carefully filled, others nothing. Because in Spain, the immigration results in a distorted picture through "transition effects". The mostly young immigrants supported the social system of a vending society, but have not received any services yet. By regulating more than half a million immigrants, the tendency has increased, which achieves a plus of almost seven billion euros.

But the EU calls for structural changes, pensionerships should be coupled to productivity and decoupled from the inflation earnings. This was accompanied by a lowering of the already low pensions and minimum sectors because the productivity in Spain has fallen for years. But as conclusions to the unions, the socialists had increased by 4.5% to the minimum wage in January. But with 513 euros he is still under the poverty line. On the 1. January should increase the minimum centers, depending on the nature, by 6.5-8 percent, which relate to a total of three million people in Spain. The lies between 132 euros for an orphan’s pension and at highly 658 euros with completely invaliditat and thus under the poverty line, which is located at 700 euros.

Interpreciation points in the unnecessary negotiations are that the government wants to expand the period for the calculation of the pension. Currently only the last 15 years are used. An expansion has been reduced by pensions. The unions demand in the face of bulging cash registers but that the earlier compulsory military service is credited to the pension times. This has been an improvement, especially many pensioners with minimum pensions.

The displeasure of consumers, the punches in the health banks are now stuffed on tax alults in the tobacco and alcohol tax. They were increased by funf and ten percent in mid-September. But that is not enough. Therefore, consumers should therefore also take effect in the bag for electricity and fuels, so that the income of the state is increasing and the deficit can be compensated by a five billion euros. The Government’s draft provides to raise electricity prices by two percent. The autonomous regions are supposed to raise "healthcents" on the gasoline price and the already high emotion for the new cars should be increased again.

The government tries to beat two flies with one flap. Because as a side effect, the increase in energy costs should also be reduced the massive output from CO2. Because Spain is also crowded against the Kyoto’s climate protection protocol, which is why the owners’ ideas to be discussed (Klimagas among the Earth).

But at the question of energy prices, the government is always struggling the strain in the face, as every fuel market is any further revenue about the mineral and VAT in its cash registers. Already in the autumn of last year, there had been aflow of the fuel jumps. (New edition of the fuel jumps?To). In the summer there was also in Catalonia to the first protests of farmers and the association Fenadismer, who represents small transport companies and self-truck drivers, was called his members for two-day strike against the high fuel prices. The price for Diesel has risen by 20 percent since January. Over the past two years, he even climbed more than 40 percent, complained of the association. The government prevent the increased prices to the freight fees.

This strike could slow down the government with promises, but with a highway blockade of the border between France and Spain, four transport associations started a new strike on Sunday evenings. For the 21. October mobilize the farmers association to coarse protests and a coarse demonstration to Madrid. They still demand a tax-free occupational diesel and demand compensations from the government also because of the extreme durre in the country.

In different parts of the country, farmers have already begun with blockages of refineries. They were initially discontinued on Thursday after the Agricultural Ministry showed to negotiations. The Bauernvereinigung Coag has threatened on Friday with an expansion of protests if the government does not immediately emphasize compensatory measures immediately

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