Spahn: so far 300 infections uber corona warning app reported

Spahn: So far 300 infections Uber Corona warning app reported

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn ames that around 300 Covid-19 infections were reported on the German Corona warning app. That said the CDU politician in the current ie of the message magazine of the mirror. Spahn refers to "The number of closing codes", which were ied by the associated telephone hotline."We do not know more about privacy policy", said spoon.

According to the Robert Koch Institute of Friday, the app was now charged 14.6 million times on smartphones. This is more common than similar apps in all other EU countries together, said Spahn. However, the minister warned against the new application to survive. "The app is a tool of many to involve new breakouts. She is not a panacea. Nevertheless, we have to pay attention to each other, hold a distance, wear everyday mask, adhere to hygiene rules."

The app can now not only be installed by people in Germany, but is also relevant in the stores of Google and Apple in all 27 member states of the European Union as well as in the Great Britain and Norway. This offer is aimed at tourists and business travelers who visit Germany, but also to foreigners living with a stand-up or temporary in Germany.

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