Sony alpha 1: mirrorless professional camera with 50 megapixels and 8k

Sony Alpha 1: Mirrorless professional camera with 50 megapixels and 8K

Still one above: with the Sony Alpha 1 – short A1 – the manufacturer picks up another mirrorless full format camera in its Alpha family. It consists of the top of the series and offers a high resolution paired with professional video features. Also your price is about 7300 euros above the level of previous models. Still in Marz she should come to the trade.

Sony packs 50 megapixels on the jerk-friendly exposed full format chip. It has an integrated 5-axis image stabilization. According to the manufacturer, the new Bionz XR processor achieves the eightfold speed of the Bionz X processor. Thus, despite the high resolution, the A1 should achieve a series image speed of 30 frames per second with full autofocus and exposure tracking. The autofocus brings 759 points to the phase detection and should also have a new mode for eye detection for bird.

Sony introduces Alpha 1 (Source: Sony)

In addition, mirrorless allows the recording of 8K videos (7680 × 4320) with also 30 frames per second and 4: 2: 0 10 bits. 4K material (3840 × 2160) Located according to Sony with up to 120 frames per second.

Sony Alpha 1 in pictures

Sony Alpha 1: Mirrorless professional camera with 50 megapixels and 8K

The Sony Alpha 1 (A1) is the youngest model of the Sony-Alpha family. It is committed to their top and attaches a focus on high resolution paired with professional video functions. With the A1 specialist Sony continues its offer of mirrorless fully format cameras. Currently it consists of:

  • Sony A7C – Entry into full format with sweeped housing
  • Sony A7 III – Allrounder camera with 24 megapixels
  • Sony A7R IV – Professional camera with 61 megapixels
  • Sony A7S III – Professional camera with reduced resolution and professional video functions
  • Sony A9 – Professional camera with high standard forms
  • Sony A1 – Professional camera with high resolution, high standard form rates and 8K video

Recording over 30 minutes

With the help of a new structure for heat dissipation, the manufacturer wants to prevent the camera from overheated too fast. So it should be possible to record 8K (30P) and 4K videos (60P) about about 30 minutes. To continuously write away the enormous amounts of data, Sony sets the new memory card type CFEXPRESS type A. Two slots are photographers available, which can alternatively be more viewed with SD cards. This common feature shares the A1 with the A7S III, which also brings professional video features, but works only with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The A1 viewfinder is also based on this sister, because its resolution is nine megapixels (2048 × 1540 pixels) and its enlargement at a factor of 0.9. Sony trims the A1 model in addition to uninterruptible freedom: 240 times per second updates the live view picture.

Competition is called Canon EOS R5

The Sony A1 is not the first mirrorless full format camera recorded 8K videos. This also creates Canon EOS R5, which came to the market last year. Due to the warm development, however, the manufacturer is not recommended later than 20 minutes at the stucco (applies to 8k, 30p). The Canon mirrorosis also has a high resolution of 45 megapixels and achieves a standard formation rate of a maximum of 20 images per second. With a price of just under 4500 euros, however, it is gunstiger as the Sony A1.

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