Social policy as a profile-forming maaking

The Union is committed to a programmatic realignment. CDU and CSU discuss Uber Hartz IV, equal opportunity and an unconditional basic income

After the severe dispute, which the Union parties experienced in the general election last year, many party friends and observers could quickly explainively explain why CDU and CSU had failed to beat more capital from the obvious weakness of the red-green federal government. Hardly a formulated as unmistakable as the former CDU General Secretar Heiner Geibler, who fell that the Christian Democrats "with a considerable content of substances, with blatant contradicts and without forward-looking concept" had gone in the election campaign.

But Lower Saxony’s Minister Prosident Christian Wulff, who warned at the end of this week before a fundamental "change of course", stood with his association, one was "not wrong" in content, quite alone. In his place, the almost 30-year-old lateral thinkers once again proved to be a good analyst. Geibler evaluated the election result as a clear cancellation to the "market radical policy" of the CDU and simultaneous rejection of the "spiritual agenda 2010", which continues to stop the memoir-writing ex-chancellor for the Non Plus Ultra of a modern reform policy.

A good year after the refracting urngar, the situation for the Union continued to deteriorate. The survey values are currently under the official end result of September 2005, and the golden times, since Hartz laws were not allowed until the Federal Government alone could be charged, long past. From a ruling party, the Bundesburg’s clear answers await the urgent questions of the present and adequate proposals for the challenges of the future. Both are not to be expected from a "politics of the little steps", and so diverse union politicians are now looking for the coarse litter.

Sweetheart on unemployment benefits: Langer duration instead of work incentives?

Once again, it is not the Chancellor, which in the search for promising perspectives in the first row. Instead, Jurgen Ruttgers leads the word. The operational ministerial priority of North Rhine-Westphalia overfiel party friends and political opponents this week with the proposal to extend the maximum period of time of unemployment benefit I from currently 18 to 24 months if the 40 years of contribution years are available. If you have paid for 25 years, then I got unemployment benefit I, I was 15 months for 15 months, otherwise it would be with the previous regulation of one year. In addition, Ruttgers, who had still demanded as opposition drivers in 2002, necessarily initiated the unemployment benefit to twelve months, "to increase the incentives to work", to protect the pensions of long-term unemployed strongers.

If the Minister Prosident, who soon received support from General Secretar Ronald Pulla’s support, wanted to test whether a revival of social subject fields for their own party borders increased to consent, he was allowed to be satisfied with the result. For union representatives and parts of the SPD, the unexpected proposal called a positive echo. While a visibly detained Franz Muntefering the whole thing with the inscription "craftsmistly dilettantically" right back to the files, Armin Jahl, Landeschief of the SPD Association for Employee Questions (AFA), explained the targeting direction for "principle properly". So it also sees SPD member Klaus Wieshoehl, chairman of IG construction, which wants to prevent the long-range duration of life through savings in young people is financed. Nevertheless, he buried the Ruttgers planes "Expected".

The consumption of the claim for unemployment benefits to a year I always felt unjustly perpendicular. It is particularly clear to the example of the construction worker, which will be unemployed due to bankruptcy of its company with 55. Sliding in Hartz IV after 40 years of hard work may not be. And before that, the high unemployment is not a professional group.

Klaus Wieshugel

Solidary burger money

Even more astotten was allowed to encourage a proposal from Thuringen, which is already celebrated by some union politicians as a fundamental reorientation of social policy, while SPD General Secretar Hubertus Salvation – the UBLIGEN, for new composites in the church and society, look for a "conservative decommissioning program" speaks who be "unsocial" and "punishable".

For about two decades in Germany here and there is discussed about the idea of unconditional basic income. Can and should the state afford to pay every adult – regardless of his professional system – a monthly burger money of several hundred euros and for each child still a special amount (unconditional basic income)? Yes, says just Thuringen’s Minister Prosident Dieter Althaus, who set the introduction of a "solidary burger money" in the summer of 2006 for discussion.

When it comes to the will of the CDU politician, adults can be between a "gross burger money" in a high level of € 800 and a "small burger money" of € 400. In both cases, 200 € were used as "health promotion" to health and long-term care insurance, only the receptionists of the "gross burger money" had to pay for all other income 50 percent tax, while the others were deducted only 25 percent. For children, the model sees a burger money of 500 euros, for sale 200 euros of health prayy, before.

Michael Opielka, Professor of Social Policy at the Department of Social Affairs of the University of Applied Sciences Jena, the model of the Ministerial Presenter on behalf of the Konrad-Adenauer foundation not only examined in terms of its financiousness, but interestingly tried to find out if the proposal is in the program of a conservative Party fits. Finally, the basic income is "unconditional", therefore, from itself, no performance or labor incentives, where even the Evangelical Church had postulated in its memorande just participation a principal "priority of activation before the supply".

This association, which is not very unimportant because of the letter "C" in the party name, is shared by the Catholic Church and its ranked representative. In his diverse first Enzyklika Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI struck. A wide arc of the principle of God love for the righteous order of state and society, which is a "central order of politics".

It is correct that the basic principle of the state must be the pursuit of justice and that it is the goal of a fair social order, taking into account the subsidiary principle to maintain its share of the hands of the Community. This has always been emphasized by the Christian state and social teaching.

Benedict XVI.

In search of humanity and inner peace

Despite subtle deviations, Opelyka does not see any existential contradiction between the idea of the burger money, the conservative orientation of a party and the worldview-religious foundations, which she is committed to explanation.

Conservative thinking relies on human tradition as Community. This is followed by an anthropological realism. Improving man by politics is not intended. The empirical experience of psychological economy shows: incentives act stronger and more sustainable as coercion. Modern, democratic conservatism integrates these insights and adopts paternalism and authoritarianism. "Activation" by state compulsion reminds him of the Real Socialist "Duty to work".

Michael Opielka

While the CDU is supposed to say goodbye to paternalism and authoritarianism, the Bavarian sister party openly calls for a "redesign of the welfare state". In the presentation of a position paper on social policy, which is intended to remain in the new principle to be adopted in November 2007, General Secretar Markus Sodder ied "Predatory Capitalism" high-level a cancellation. Germany Muses will become a "solidarity company", said Sodder, and the Chairman of the CSU Principle Commission, Alois Gluck, explained such a development equal to the "bid of humanity" and "foundation for internal peace".

The Christians apparently put on a middle ground between the Neoliberal orientation of the FDP and the idea of a Furorstestae, which is finding in the ranks of SPD and green and less jerking and currently only represented by the Left Party. The CSU plads on the condition of general equal opportunities for the "hedging of existential risks", but the pure prosperity does not pay the core tasks of the welfare state.

Plan games and real tasks

With the backbreak of social justice, the Union Parties undoubtedly recovered content-related terrain and caught the coalition partners in the supposedly promising second row on the wrong fift. The colleagues and in the incorporated non-resolution replicas of colleagues Muntefering and salvation simply document only the programmatic vacuum that has arisen after the disposal of their owned by the Agenda 2010 Bundeskanzler.

Nevertheless, nobody becomes seriously considered that CDU and CSU are experimenting from pure pure love with the possibilities of a socio-political change of course. Apart from the fact that so far only non-binding absorbance clarifications have been thrown into the discussion, the proposals bear all the signs of one time honorable, somewhat desperate experiments to gain content-related profile and political weight from the bankruptcy of frustrating election results. Only when the preliminary new serios are attributed, will show what price the Union is actually available to pay.

Markus Soder wants to achieve that the Burger CDU and CSU "also perceive again strong" as a party of social responsibility, and in times of Hartz IV, underlaid discussion, still four million unemployed and rising poverty seems to be the opportunity for favorable. Without activating perspectives obvious elements is a modern social policy aimed at a just, balanced society, but hardly designed, and with empty promises, the upcoming tasks can not be brought up rightly.

Nevertheless, the Union has revived a discussion that is urgent needed. Whether she himself has to offer more than a populist autumn offensive, could already be on the 20. CDU party congress pointing to the 27. and 28. November in Dresden takes place.

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