Stuttgart, 20. January 2015 – to my frequency driver time with over 50.000 kilometers in the year on the motorcycle I used a set of half-high Alpinestars shoes, which was highly protected to the important places, waterproof and as a special feature of the brand Alpinestar was particularly dunsohlig. In most motorcycle shoes, it runs badly because the sole is constructed as part of the armor. Alpinestars footwear, on the other hand, fever very well, leave a lot of feedback from the ranks and still cuts in the fall as other than others, because the sole in the fall is not a burdened part.

Now I bought a set of similar shoes, the Alpinestars Sierra Xcr Gore Tex. As with the old shoe, the Aubenhaut consists of leather, faux leather and plastic, unlike then, by two nylon meshes, dreamed on the sides. The volume is doing well because the Gore-Tex membrane, which is always isolated from the waters of the socks. In the test drives on the Ducati Scrambler in the November weather (single digit plus grade with rain shortly before sleet) I felt this shoes as a winter suitable. Note: The own subjective winter suitability depends on the driven motorcycle, the worn pants and internal heating. Other recommend the Sierra for spring to autumn. For winter trips up to two hours or on a fully-clad motorcycle, I can recommend the XCR unregistered.

The nylon volume showed in test drives on the KTM 690 Duke in the summer that the shoe is better chilled than my old comparison shoes in full leather plus membrane plus lining. Rain runs reliably outdoors on the shoe as long as the pants go over the shoe and is not as a water control system in the shoe. In addition, the shoe is always running for action prices. The RRP was the import at 180 euros, I bought my couple in an action for 80 euros. I had also spent 150 euros, and the good strain prices are under this amount.

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