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Children and adolescents seem to be due to SMS as an email or threatened to be threatened

The world is not a secure place, and children and adolescents are not innocence. Stromies, roughing and some vascularity have all in the behavioral repertoire to enforce themselves or to point other to their supposed place. What happens in real life, is, of course, practiced in virtual. So this is by no means surprising when a poll under British teens said a quarter of respondents, threatened or burdened by email or SMS.

The study was commissioned by the Foundation NCH in the lead to a conference on the risks and opportunities of the Internet for children, which takes place at the end of the month. First, you wanted to explore the exhaustion of threats and loads on emails, but then had to find that much fantastic SMS is used for this purpose.

Of the 856 young people surveyed between the ages of 11 and 19, 16 percent has been threatened or burdened by SMS, 7 percent in Internet chat rooms and only 4 percent of emails. 29 percent have kept that for themselves and not paid anyone. Otherwise, they had paid the rather friends as the parent.

From these probably not representative survey results, which actually reveal little sense, if they are not differentiated according to age and the nature of the threats are not known, the foundation is derived from the action requirement (is planned a conference and is overdies, always creating new ground for to search your own existence and competence). So John Carr, head of the Internet department of NCR explains: "Online rupes is a modern threat that one has to turn to. If we want the children to use the good pages that the IT offers to their advantage, we have to protect them from the risks they bring with themselves."

More and more children have cell phones and can access the Internet, so here are similar experiences as in school or elsewhere. New is of course that the rupes and threats are often anonymous. Of course, it is important if parents or educators know that such can be accompanied by mobile phone and internet usage, and they can prepare the children as well as to the virtual as to the real world or can provide help with problems.

Anyway, it demands that the children should be taught to children, otherwise not to harass others on the Internet or via SMS. Teacher and Schuler should be trained in dealing with it. To avoid rupes, you can simply change the mail address or the mobile number and pay attention to where to go further. And the Internet providers and mobile phone companies should make such a change easily.

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