Sklat in the attic regional parliament

Sklat in the Attic Regional Parliament

Thanos Tzimeros (left), Pavlos Hailkalis (Fruher Labor Minister of the Independent Greeks), Ilias Panagiotaros (MP Golden Morgenrote) in its sworn-up as a regional representative on the 27.8th.2014. The region Attika is the biggest of the country. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Again, a Greek politician turns into a colleague. This time, however, it was not a representative of the Golden Morgenrote, which was called for this purpose, but rather a self-renamed reformer

Thanos Tzimeros is his sign of the land and party feet of the DimioGia Xana! (Recreation Now!To). He worried in 2011 for a stir when he turned to a letter to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, and they asked for more rigor for his country. The letter found its way into the picture newspaper and gave Tzimeros so much popularity that he came to the two parliamentary elections in 2012 near the locking clause of three percent.

Tzimeros, who is trimming to have left his place of study after a few weeks of the first semester, because in the university studies in Greece did not see a sense in the consequence by further such actions attentively.

Escape, he wanted to send on coughing rock islands, against the government he called up to the coup because he was the Grexit scary. He never came back to Parliament to Parliament. For this he manages to win two seats in the Attic Regional Parliament for his party.

There, the advertising entrepreneur fell on by his anticommunist activism. Wherever he sees a communist poster, he rubs it down and destroy it. Everything that is left, he feels as a personal insult. In the Liberation Army Elas, who fighted against the Nazi ridder during the Second World War, and not in the collaborators, he sees the true folk terrain. In the past, therefore, he was already adjacent to a communist regional deputy.

Outward throw from Parliament

On Thursday, Tzimeros saw in the building of the Regional Administration, where the meetings take place at the statement of employees a poster of the Communist Union Pame. This shouted against the new savings bumps as well as supported by the other unions General strike on 17. May open.

Tzimeros tore the poster down, donated it into the garbage and went to the boardroom. Up to this point, the information relates to the own statements of Tzimeros, as he communicates several times on television, but also on social networks. What happened afterwards is deprived of all the above-mentioned evil eyewitnesses of all parties to that of the Golden Morgenrote equally disputed by Tzimeros, on the other hand.

The deputy Alexandra Balou went to the desk Tzimeros. She had the demolished poster in his hand and wanted to talk to the politician. Then punched and beat Tzimeros several times. Balou was drawn by colleagues aside and then toward the Saalmitte. This process is documented with a video. Tzimeros grabbed the contentious poster, tore it and threw the snippets demonstratively on the ground. Then he quietly stepped to his place.

The act had followed. He was referred to the hall, but this request was not after. He claimed that there is no reason for a hall reference. Then he was removed from other deputies from the hall, whereas he sat down. With this anything else as a gentle process that exists a video recording, the clothes Tzimeros was visibly painted.

In the episode, Tzimeros initially explained in the station Ant1 opposite the journalist Nikos Chatzinikolaou, that Balou had torn the shirt when she stated him because of the poster. However, the videos already present prove that it came to its hall reference. Ergo changed his statement and now represents himself as a victim of an illegal saacule. Legal steps he does not rank because the Greek judiciary is a lazy system for him.

In the explanations of the coil parties, Tzimeros is sentenced to the sharpest. The Syriza Press Office, which is usually ruling regularly with the Communist Party, even went so far to classify Tzimeros as dangerous. In the population, however, the process is incorporated in uneven, which is reflected in unique comments in social networks. Pendant neoliberal ideologies buried Tzimeros act as a blessing, which coils him as a fascist.

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