Sing the body electric

Cyborg Professor Kevin Warwick wants to help Superman and become Batman himself

It is slow time to give this frail machine from meat, bones and nerves at the reception of the chopping and exchange for more reliable device? It smells of immortality, resurrection and sensual total rusts since the British Professor Kevin Warwick in recent years sets its ambition in the first Cyborg to enter the history of the posthumous machine designer. So much fame has its price.

In the middle of Marz this year dear Warwick, who previously housed the progress of science chips in his body, operate for two hours. In 1998 Warwick had a chip in the arm planted, the lights pointed out and offered deals when the trial professor went to the Buro (the researcher as a publicity stuntman). in the "Radcliffe Infirmary" In Oxford this time a silicon chip was implanted with 100 electrodes, each as dunn as a hair, implanted in the left wrist and with the center armner of the "nutty" Professors connected. The chip is subcutaneously wired with a transmitter receiver device, which forwards the nerve messages via radio signal to a computer (details of the experimental arrangement).

Everything ran smoothly at the unique operation so far. Voluntary Cyborgization is intended to serve the progress of science, especially people with backmark injuries at least part of the lost control functions. The costly £ 500.000 experiment was among other things from "National Spinal Injuries Center" in Stoke Mandeville (UK) and the "David Tolkien Trust for Stoke Mandeville, National Spinal Injuries", a fundraiser for research in the field of spinal damage supported.

The Cyborg researchers hope that nerve impulses are recorded, but also to be fed back into human nerve tracks. Thus, signals encoding finger movements, but also be conditional for more complex materials such as pain or even gluck souls, digitally stored and available in emergency or glucklefall at any time.

O i Say, Thesis Are Not The Parts And Poems Of The Body Only, But of the Soul, O i Say Now Thesis Are the Soul!

Walt Whitman, I Sing the Body Electric

Not too far in his visions of Aldous Huxleys "Brave New World" removes, the professor dreams of conveying people instantaneous gluck souls that are no longer dependent on his concrete space-time experience. "Instant Nirvana" (Marcus Hammerschmitt) thus mutates from dubious sectic business to the close-up computer game. The medical industry hopes a bit more practical revenue, if approximately cross-sectional-packed and ex-superman Christopher Reeve were again captured, with artificial machine pulses to replace their lame nerve tracks.

Warwick, the narcissistic on his website as "I, Cyborg" In allusion to Isaac asimovs "I, Robot" figurated and the self-inspection practice of the media pros is dominated, however, on the other hand, is concerned, only as an Eitler Stuntman of science to apply: "To undergo a two-hour surgery would probably be a bit extreme when it just went to a public stunt." Whether Frankenstein, Rabbi Low or a spinner, the progress could not care which motifs to drive him and Warwick has closed his peace of mind with the bioinvasive computer last year: "What is good for the computer, is then good for me."

The scientists still do not know much about whether and which nerve signals they can actually be recording and whether these signals are available again in the future at any time to control the human body. The attempts will run until further notice a month, but attention zampano Kevin Warwick has already been convinced by his historical mission to have changed the world fundamentally.

Warwick has often explained enough that the future of man or. whatever remains of him will be a cyborg existence. Batman Warwick games completely sensitively to equip himself with ultrasonic sensors to perceive like a bat objects. Although the scientist believes as Guinea-Pig, the temptations of the "jointness" Follow by man and machine, not that Superman will be backed up in short again its full mobility, but maybe it will at least be possible that he can lift a teacup with Warwicks Killer Applique.

The goods only a small hand movement for superman, but a rough step for humanity. If Warwick then just a sense of the desired in the chip, all people were happy to be happy soon.

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