Shortly informed: homeoffice, deceasers, 5g expansion, selfishness

Shortly informed: HomeOffice, deceasers, 5G expansion, selfishness

Rough coalition wants tax relief for HomeOffice

Fiscal politicians of the coalition have agreed according to a report of the FAZ on a relief for workers who have to work much from home in the Corona Pandemic. Accordingly, there should be a taxpayery of 5 euros per day in the home office, but highly 600 euros per year. It is still unclear whether it is maintained in addition to the employee lump sum of 1000 euros. The HomeOffice package is the flexible response to the encrusted case-law for the domestic study – unaffectedly and easily comprehensible, said the CSU fiscal politician Sebastian Brehm of the newspaper.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 30.11.2020: Home Office, Decor, 5G Expansion, Selfitis

New control system for imports of conflict minerals

About global supply chains arrive conflict minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold in cell phones and cars. At worst, they contribute to the financing of burger wars and human rights violations. The European Union wants to make sure of 2021 with new duties for importers that the origin of the raw materials, which are processed in Europe is clean. Also in Germany, a new control body was created, the so-called German inspection body EU doubletal obligations in raw material supply chains, short deceased. Among other things, the requirements for companies pay a risk assessment of the entire supply chain and strategies for reducing these risks and independent auditing.

Great Britain Drive Huawei-Bann at 5G Networks

The British government concretizes its tarpaulin for the 5G-sphinced Huawei: British network operators Create from September 2021 no more components into their 5G networks produced by the Chinese malterant. Previously, the government had arranged the jerking of all Huawei components until the end of 2027. Telecom companies in the Great Britain now want to work together with the 5G expansion with the Japanese Group NEC.

How Google tries to make selfies less harmful

70 percent of all mobile photos are selfies. At the same time, research says that self-portrays tend to make disinformance. To counteract this, Google has developed four principles: the first step is to switch off automatic processing of faces. The second step is to design the usual terms and logos neutral. Third party is transparency, for example, to show clearly when filter with mix. This glides over the fourth mockage, namely information to convey and create consciousness.

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