Shortly informed: corona vaccine, google, wwdc 2021, hubble constant

Shortly informed: Corona vaccine, Google, WWDC 2021, Hubble Constant

Corona vaccines of the next generation

During many people in Germany are still waiting for their corona vaccination, manufacturers already work on the next vaccine generation. According to the association of researching drug manufacturers, the first such praparates could be admitted in the event of this year. Above all, three strategies are pursued: First, it is about stronger immunization by using the immune defense, for example, by anti-body even more. In the second case, the immunization is worked against the so-called spike protein sitting at the aubenhulle of the coronavirus. And finally, immunization against other SARS COV-2 components are also researched. Since the virus will continue to change, one wants to be prepared because still is unclear whether and in which time interval refresh vaccinations will be necessary.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 26.05.2021: Corona vaccine, Google, WWDC 2021, Hubble Constant

Criticism of Google’s Cloud Plan in Saudi Arabia

Amnesty International has asked Google together with other human rights organizations in a public explanation to give up the establishment of a cloud region in Saudi Arabia. Google should first prove, as can be reduced by adults, potential adverse effects on human rights in the country. Because the Saudi hosts were able to play Google’s planes into the cards and open even more opportunities than before to infiltrate networks and to obtain personal data from abusive peaceful activists and dissenters who face the political leadership of the country.

Apple’s Developer Conference WWDC 2021

Apple has published information about the sessions and keynotes of WWDC 2021. The more than 200 meetings offered by the Group for developers will find completely digitally. The event runs from 7. Until 11. June and is under the motto "And Away WE Code". As maybe Apple was allowed to present his new operating systems – including iOS 15 and Macos 12 -. More important for the Developer community, however, are the many detailed sessions and workshops that the Group will put free on the network for free.

"Simple theory" Lost discrepancy at Hubble Constant

Our universe is likely to be open and affiliated as previously accepted, while we are in a kind of bubble in which the density of matter is significantly lower. Two Swiss physicists have identified and thus the Ratsel thus releases the discrepancy at the Hubble Constant. In addition, their calculations were no longer surviving other discrepancies, a new physics was no longer necessary, explores the University of Geneva.

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