Shortly informed: ccc, nursing, att, blue origin

Shortly informed: CCC, nursing, ATT, Blue Origin

CCC warns against security in municipal systems

In the analysis of the cyber attack on the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Forensik professionals work still in full swing. Last week, a malicious program had infiltrated the systems and laid on ice. Digital traces are still secured, clues to the tatters. Until there is secured findings, it can still take. The a cause of such a successful attack is not available from the point of view of Manuel Atug from the Chaos Computer Club. Problems with ransomware and the deficits in the systems were not caused by night, says the IT security expert. That’s a long year’s, almost decades of process. Many municipalities were working with old software and hardware, which have not been updated for years.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 16.07.2021: CCC, Nursing, ATT, Blue Origin

Digitization should relieve nurses

The heavy work of the nurses should be easier through digitization. "Digitization in the care should help with the fact that the nurses about innovative digital approaches are relieved at their work", Christine Enkel explained, boss of health insurance DAK health in Saxony. This not only benefits the staff, but also the nursing needy. The Sachsian nursing facilities have been required in this area so far with 3.3 million euros – most common in the acquisition of tablets, routers or software for billing, care documentation and service planning.

Apple’s tracking transparency Argert Facebook

Apple’s so-called app tracking transparency ensures for Arger on Facebook and its advertisers. According to a report of the financial news agency Bloomberg, a coarse part of the users and users of the social network iOS app prohibits access to the application beyond the application. The rejection, in turn, ensures a much lower efficiency of the advertising with the Social Network when it comes to achieving iPhone users who are traditionally rational.

Blue Origin takes 18-yearly with the space

In a few days Jeff Bezos will be on board at the first manned flight of his company Blue Origin, but the anonymous winner of the auction had to cancel due to appointment problems. In addition to Bezos, his brother and the 82-year pioneer Wally radio, the only 18-year Netherlander Oliver Daemen is flying. His father, boss of a Dutch capital and investment firm, had mitigated at the auction.

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