Short taste

Short taste

Hannover, 23. September 2014 – With the flatbed study Tristar, Volkswagen gives on the commercial vehicle IAA in Hannover (25. September to 3. October 2014) a view of the next transporter generation T6. The new base for box, flatbed and bus will be marketed from 2015.

The most important commercial vehicle fair of the year is not only geographically a home game for Volkswagen: Although the current T5 has been on the market since 2003, the demand in the Transporter plant Hannover remains unbroken. According to Eckhard Scholz, the boss of the VW commercial vehicle parties, Volkswagen still today special layers to satisfy demand, and the appearance rang into the year 2015. But the competition does not sleep: Mercedes attacks with the new V-Class and the Vito, Ford has modern transit models in the program and also Opel liked to play with the new Vivaro at least a bit.

The study is short and high

If Volkswagen wants to behave up, now shows the study Tristar in a conspicuous construction machinery yellow for the first time. Your name is reminiscent of a particularly luxurious, all-wheel drive special model of the T3 double cabin from the 1980s. And so the Tristar of the year 2014 has four driven raders. Instead of a viscodosis, however, it has the drive strand known from the T5 with a primary front wheel drive and needed connection of the rear via Haldex coupling. Added to this is mechanical rear axle differential lock, a highlight by 30 millimeters and an electric winch behind the front stasket for any emergencies. VW speaks of a flatbed "Extended Cab" and short wheelbase. Pretty short, because the Tristar is just 4.79 meters long. For comparison: The current T5 box carriage is 4.89 meters long, the T5 flatbed even 5.07 meters.

His two-liter TDI with 204 hp and 450 nm at 1400 / min is already known from the new Passat, where he may afford 240 hp. Thus, the Tristar creates 185 km / h top. Transporter-untypical is the MT gel alignment in the dimension 245/70 R17 on light metal rims. Under the bunk there is a waterproof drawer, in the interior next to a sliding driver and front passenger seat modern video conferencing systems. Whether it creates these things including the espresso machine into the series remains open. In the spring 2015 we know more.

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