Short informed: type approval, cisco, apple watch, space scrap

Short informed: Type approval, Cisco, Apple Watch, space scrap

Stricter rules for new vehicle types apply

Since Tuesday, the stricter EU requirements apply to the so-called type-approval. New vehicle models should therefore be strictly reviewed before the afternoon for the European market. For the first time, there should be samples in this context, whether cars offered for sale, the regulations actually comply with. For violations, the EU Commission can start back calls and in extreme cases of up to 30.I000 euros per vehicle. The changes are a consequence of the exhaust gas fraud, which was revealed for five years ago.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 01.09.2020: Type approval, Cisco, Apple Watch, space scrap

Attacker attack router from Cisco

Currently there are attackers on two security swagen in the router operating system iOS XR from Cisco. If the DOS attacks are successful, attacker can put processes on the advised. So far, there are no security updates yet. Also a workaround for securing routers is not available so far. With two tips mentioned by Cisco, Admins can minimize the risk of attack. So you can limit the IGMP traffic and set access notifications to lock the likelihood of successful attacks. When security patches appear, is unknown.

Podcast horns with the Apple Watch generates double retrieval numbers

Apple’s computer clock Apple Watch has apparently a special problem with podcasts. This reports the advertiser organization Interactive Advertising Bureau, which works for the most payable internet label. Pro Podcast, which is automatically downloaded to the Smart Watch, two downloads will be generated, name on the Apple Watch and the download on the smartphone coupled to the clock. For the IAB the problem heavenses that the organization has decided, from the 1. October no longer pay the complete traffic of the computer clock for the podcast industry.

For the first time, space scrap in daylight measure

Swiss researchers have determined the distance worldwide for the first time to a stucco space scrap in daylight and with a significantly less powerful laser than normally ugly. Like the scientists of the University of Bern, the distance determination with a so-called geodical laser succeeded. So far, such distance determinations have been possible only in the evening and the morning hours. Due to the new approach, their number of multiply and potential collisions could be recognized early.

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