Sexist air conditioning, wiggling pos and putin’s iwatch

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Motivation is everything. Especially with this heat, where you prefer to sit with an ice cold drink somewhere on a beach. How to really motivate, tickle a highest performance, this shows this video. And then you can make fun of a round with the butt. Herking is a new popular sport anyway, although the circumstances are often pretty sexist. Exactly as well as air conditioning, which has now become a case for women’s officers.

Nevertheless, sex sells, and in our case ensures a lot of clicks, so exceptionally a naked man, the beam you can turn away. Also the crisp guy from the Old-Spice advertising is back. And the part here is probably also above all manner.

Sexist air conditioning, wiggling pos and Putin's iwatch

Now there is something to laugh, a parade of salmon traps in news broadcasts and a tribute to funny Russians. On this video, Anja Reschkes comment on hatred on the net, we will not come over this week, so successful and above all in terms of content it is. Unfortunately. In addition, a commentary of the editor-in-chief of the DWDL.De Media Magazine Thomas Luckerath About dealing Facebooks with hate pages. And a bit of TV: The Olle Karl Eduard von Schnitzler, Conan is rated, private television and FIPS Arschmuskel.

Sexist air conditioning, wiggling pos and Putin's iwatch

Now a short look in the readerspost: Chicken thief, a sad-beautiful dog story, self-built pizza oven, video bombing and talking dog.

Finally our heated fast run: Skateboard Hack, Collection of Pranks, the eight wasps defense types, fast food, the Sanger Joseph Beuys, Schlefaz outtakes, Apple fans, the Imac Wheel, Sanifair parody, ships in the storm, the Putin -iwatch. And the final point sets Jon Stewart.

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